SHOCK: Biden TIED With Trump For Latino Support | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down the new polling data showing Republicans rated higher than Democrats on major issues and gaining with Latino voters especially non-college educated men.

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  1. Yeah we like trump more now. My parents said they like him more now then back when he ran. Main reasons were that inflation wasn’t really a problem, gas was cheap we had more money than under Obama, and we weren’t letting China get away with stuff.

  2. Black support is fading fast as well. Democrats chose to appeal to White Indepdent voters over their Latino/Black Democratic voters. They had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, the House, and Presidency in 2008. They chose healthcare reform and passed 0 immigrant legislation and 0 criminal justice reform legislation. They have a majority in the Senate currently, the House, and the Presidency. They choose infrastructure instead of immigration/criminal justice/voting rights reform.

  3. The idiot hasn’t done anything for the country, dude is a Clinton copy! They have all 3 powers and can’t pass anything to make things better for people, no health care, no police reform, no gun control, no immigration reform, no increase in wages, no school debt forgiveness, no help to end homelessness, no support for veterans, and no end Wall Street corrupt behavior ! Biden and democrats done do enough

  4. Saggar loves to say. “Uneducated males”. And uneducated males say. All of my educated friends also say they hate Biden . So maybe you should dive a little deeper. 👎👎

  5. Sad how divided our society has become. I actually don't blame Biden for a lot he has no control over (COVID variants), just like I didn't blame Trump for the first wave of the virus. It's just so hard to inspire the people.

    But come on–who hates Joe Biden? I can see someone disagreeing with his policies, but hating Joe Biden? Really?

  6. Does the cutting off of oil supply (Keystone) , extension of unemployment (less workers), and restrictions to reopening (NY) have any causes to the supply and labor problems ?

  7. Latino's with names like Rubio, Cruz, DeSanatis Tarrio and Fuentes are kidding themselves if they think the white Anglo Saxon Marjorie variety actually regard them as white. Ahead of WW2 Hitler managed to get Jews and the Muslim brotherhood to support him, whilst he secretly despised them.

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