SHOCK POLL: Brits In Terror Of Woke Speech Police

Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party has released damning new polling. The polling, commissioned by Comres, found that half of Britons believe that free speech is under threat and that cancel culture is terrifying everyday Brits into submission. Here’s Reasoned’s Darren Grimes on why this polling matters.

Written by Reasoned


  1. I'd go as far as to claim that free speech is now a thing of the past. Anything we say is in danger of becoming fodder for the career offended brigade. People are actively seeking an excuse to be offended, often by the most innocent comment!

  2. As an "older" woman it gives me great joy & hope for a future….. to see a young man as Darren not afraid to speak out & speak sensibly…..hope he can gather more like minded people to join him?

  3. Spot on Dazza! Common sense appears to be part of the "Old normal" And we ALL need to be standing against this SHITE! It's real! and if we don't get a grip now, then the future is not one any of us are going to want to be a part of mate! We are going down the slippery slope, and gaining speed!

  4. The problem, as I see it is, that due to the woke, snowflake culture that seems to be ever growing in this country, the normal British white male has become the most hated, racist figure. This has now become a problem in it's own right. I would not say boo to a goose, ten years ago and I am a British white male. I had no racist thoughts and always have been a live and let live type person. The trouble is I am changing my view and rapidly. I am now turning away from this woke culture and am hardening my views on racism and the way that most broadcasters in mainstream media must be either ethnic, non white or female or female non white or gay. Now don't get me wrong if the person is the most qualified and right for the job I still don't have a problem with it, but I just don't believe that is the case. There may be trouble ahead.

  5. I don't agree.
    Cancel culture and the thought police only scare those with a weak mental constitution, the woke leftards will be feeling warm and fuzzy while reading this report in between sips of their soy latte.
    There is nothing to be scared about.

  6. Darren even back in the 70s I was 16 years old and I was pursuing an engineering degree and they would dragus out to walk around town and do this b***** thing called social studies are used to bank off obviously because I knew it was b***** but this was the obvious start of it all what do you think

  7. This is an issue where you SHOULD have your day in court! You have the right to your opinion and to voice it. Free speech is factual and not malicious is a fundamental basis of our free society. Ignore the woke brigade, they and their petty objections have no place in our time…….or any time! They believe they know better than everyone else and as such we should abide by their restrictive practices, which of course they don’t adhere to themselves. Hypocrites!!

  8. We react as individuals. They act as organised groups and walk all over us. If we don't get together and organise to protest, petition and boycott each and every time they offend us they will win. They think they've won already but they don't understand the British?? people. We can stand up. We can save the West from Woke. It's in our hands..

  9. What s needed is a large corporate to reject all the woke nonsense to create a high profile precedent. Otherwise jobs and livelihoods will
    always be at risk from the awestruck managements.
    Ignoring the social media will be of limited value as all the corporates have their own media staff, and will continue to bend to the social media mob unless the mangers decree otherwise.

  10. Read the Higher Education free speech and academic publication today.. EG 40% of students who voted Leave felt uncomfortable expressing that in class. 59% of Conservative supporting students saying that those with conservative views are reluctant to express them at university. See Gavin Williamson .. Minister for education report! The lecturers dismiss and humiliate students who have an opposing view. I am one of those students. It’s great to know I’m not alone.

  11. To overcome this problem, the people of Britain must stop voting for the woke status quo and vote for an alternative party such as the Reform Party or UKIP. that will preserve the rights of the normal person and promote the British culture.

  12. I am in the 50% (I bet we are are a lot more than that reasoned) who will tell any # trying to sell me the Gaitz Corps fraud to go and do one … and I mean any #. Apparently most of Great Britain's doctors agree; and as Gaitz has never had his children vaxxed against anything we are told, the pos seems to be of the same opinion as the people he is bribing to kill elderly, disabled people and foolish followers.

  13. The police have lost all credibility in my opinion, once they got on their knee, for a Marxist organisation, I think the North think different from the south, so good look lefties, in getting the people out side London to go along with your woke society

  14. Brilliant. The only way we have of fighting back is to keep expressing our opinion. Loud and clear. Also to laugh loudly and heartily at the woke culture. After all their ideas are worthy of nothing more. On the legal side support government action to make universities present freedom of thought.

  15. no they don't its only 50% of people on platforms like twitte andr face book ect it don't affect most of us who don't live our lives like an open book, and most are all weirdos at best