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A new Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday shows that Joe Biden’s favorability rating has dipped below that of Donald Trump’s.

Among registered voters, just 40% have a favorable opinion of Biden. Meanwhile, 41% said they have a favorable view of Trump.

Fifty-one percent of those surveyed the country is worse off now than it was a year ago, despite the fact the vaccine against Covid-19 had yet to be developed.

Biden’s favorability rating has declined from a high-water mark of 54% in February. His approval rating, which Quinnipiac tracks separately and more frequently, has followed a similar pattern. Biden’s approvals have dropped gradually since mid-February when 52% of registered voters approved of his performance. According to the new poll 40% approve of his handling of the presidency. That’s unchanged from two weeks ago.’

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  1. Late blue wave. Biden's the most popular president of all time. Kyle said this in real time. Still sure he's CIA. End of the world podcast. Justice Dem founder. Him and Cenk. Just think. How does the public keep getting tricked into voting for these monsters? People like him.

  2. Yes. "Shocking" the democratic party unveiled a 10, then 6, then 3.5 trillion dollar plan that was very popular and then engaged in weeks of vicious infighting to narrow that to 1.5 trillion. How could they be unpopular?

  3. The study doesn't say shit about the research method, sample size, anything. It's just a text doc with percentages. Blue or Red, Kyle blows for using this as a source. This is the exact problem with America, people take this as gospel to reinforce their beliefs when the host is using this for views and the original source is short, has no analysis, and has no citations. Very poor showing. It's amazing to watch this and realize that people's understanding of everything here is surface level. A lot of the problems in the US are YEARS in the making and require cautious and respectable reform by well-educated and ethical candidates. Both parties have people who are neither in spades. Freedom was taken slowly by the dismantling of benefits and was abruptly ended by the patriot act. People are fighting a vaccine while pages and pages of privacy and rights are being ripped out away from your eyes. The threat of war, depression, disease, and instability is the language of American life right now. Voting for Biden was never going to solve this and Trump is an acceleration to destruction. All we have is two very conservative parties fighting each other out. The cure for all this is to go to a civic-minded local level and make the effective change from the ground up. If you make the local government sufficient and tolerant then this will happen elsewhere. You can change this, you can make things better, you just need to realize it takes more than an I-voted sticker.

  4. Are these people Fricken idiots. If Trump becomes President again you can say goodbye to your Social Security. He already said that he wanted to make his tax holiday permanent. Defending the program. He also said he wanted to do another round of tax breaks. Where do you think your Social Security money is going to end up.

  5. 40%… Interesting what incompetence can accomplish. Prediction: Democratic Party merges with Republican Party to become the Republocratic Party (read corporate party) in order to stop working class third party.

  6. Oh damn… this is silicon valley's fault, if they did their job and censored the f— out of everything that could be considered critical of Joe, his approval would be higher.
    If this continues, people might realize his election was illegitimate. Better use prison as a threat against spreading the truth. 🤦‍♂️

  7. Pretty simple explanation. The right is infatuated with Trump. Biden is hated by both the entire right AND a good chunk of the left. Obviously I despise Trump but Biden is a feckless fraud who can't enact basic promises.

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