SHOCK: Trump BLOCKED From Withdrawing ALL US Troops!

Then-president Donald Trump sent a secret memo to the Pentagon after he lost the election pushing them to withdraw US troops stationed around the world, according to a new report.

One of Mr Trump’s closest aides, John McEntee, handed a handwritten note to retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor on 9 November 2020, saying: “This is what the president wants you to do.”

The note said to “get us out” of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. It instructed the Colonel to “complete the withdrawal from Germany,” and to “get us out of Africa,” according to new reporting by Axios.

Written by Secular Talk

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  1. At least they didn`t assinate him like they did President Kennedy! Dore is right, the dems aren`t the good guys and if you think biden is going to do that your`e a fool. I`m also starting to believe trump as bad as he was, WAS STILL BETTER THAN biden SO FAR. Biden has lied so much that you can`t use that against trump. Biden is starting unessasry conflicts with China and Russia that could get us into WW3! Stop trying to make biden something he isn`t! America needs and wants a 3rd party by large #`s WITHOUT A DOUBT! Maybe your`e getting kick backs from the FRAUD SQUAD THAT ARE NOTHING MORE THAN COORPERATE RAGDOLLS AND BS ARTIST LIKE MAMA BEAR, how silly! The People`s Party has grown quickly is registered in 26 states now and as a REAL PROGRESSIVE VET, I WILL NEVER VOTE DEM OR REBUB( never voted repub) EVER AGAIN, THERE ISN`T A LESSER EVIL!

  2. This is so weird being a trump supporter and viewer of Kyle because I respect his opinions even if they go against what I think/believe sometimes and him being astonished at Trump news not being reported fairly. This has been his entire presidency. Things taken out of context or falsely reported to make Trump look bad/worse.

  3. I'm not sure why this is so surprising. This is the nature of the State, pure and simple. And subsequently corporate media has to maintain the illusion of democracy.

  4. The bases around the world are the 5th largest industry for the USA. As a business man this was explained to him and he understood. Notwithstanding that fact was made up.

  5. Apart from making Hillary Clinton fans cry, this would have been the only cool thing Trump ever did. And the reason MSM didn't cover this because it would have been positive coverage for Trump. American politics and media are fubar.

  6. Not using your crit thinking skills here. Why would he wait until AFTER he loss the election to Biden to pull the troops out? That makes no sense. If he wanted a political advantage over Biden he had 4 years to pull them out. Was he going to pull the troops if he won again? Kyle your anti-establishment bend makes you blind sometimes. Of course people are question him on it. Because it makes no sense! I get some of those areas but why Germany? Trump already showed at the start of his administration that he was willing to be petty when he went after everything Obama ever put forward.

  7. KYLE! How are you not seeing this for what it is? This was a Putin order (among many others) that the generals saw for what it really was: illegitimate Trump is a fucking traitor for Putin money. Look at the timing! Only a few days after he lost. And the other thing you are missing is … this shows without a doubt he knew he lost the election immediately.

  8. Look… Kyle I want the troops home, especially the ones in the warzones home. At any other time I would applaud Trump for ordering the troops home, but if I was a General I would have refused the order too. This was after Trump had lost the election and claimed it was illegitimate. That order was intended to consolidate his power for a potential coup. I might be alone in this, but I am grateful they refused, even if the military would have stayed on the sidelines or even tried to stop him, it could have emboldened Trump into more radical action.

  9. We’ve already known this but your orange man bad hatred and unwillingness to watch right wing independent media blinds you . Try branching out and bring more informed .

  10. It's the military industrial complex my man. Whilst America is growing poppies in Afghanistan, China, the next superpower is spending it's money building domestic and foreign infrastructure all over the world whilst establishing new trade routes, securing political influence and alliances in the process.

  11. trump being a narcissist was being spiteful and tried to leave biden a bigger mess than what he got away with. kinda glad they didnt blindly follow his order/request. id hope theyd refuse biden if he made an irrational request too. or any president for that matter.

  12. Trump- "Mr. handsome general from central casing, why don't we bring the troops home?"
    Generals- "But, Mr. President, if we bring the troops home, how will they find the thousands of Biden ballots manufactured in Vuvezela?"
    Trump- "Fine, you're right, I guess they'll have to stay."

  13. I'm just wondering when the right to vote will be revoked for all but who join the military, all that'd be left is a return to public flogging and the abolishment of therapy and we're officially in Starship Troopers, the book not the movie.

  14. Oh I forgot Kyle, the biden administration voted against a cease fire in Palistine yesturday, A FACT! If trump pulled that off,( bringing troops home) he would have been a king amongst dems and repubs, he would of won easily! Maybe that`s why the dems censored this from the people while biden is trying to start WW3.

  15. I'm torn on this. I'm glad the generals will push back in a way because he tried to call them on our citizens during peaceful protests. He did for photo opportunity but his worshippers , buddies wanted him to over the election as well. I do understand your point but there needs to be a plan. Something he knows nothing about. I agree with your reasoning.

  16. No man…they asked the incoming president what he wanted to do so they did not have to pull out and redeploy. Biden said to stay. That is probably what happened.

  17. I know Kyle didn't mean to come off as smug about having to do his show in his OFFICE as opposed to his STUDIO, so I'll just say: it's cool bro; do your thing.

    Also, the response isn't just from the mainstream media. Sites like Democratic Underground were all like "Obviously Putin wanted him to do this, thank God he was stopped."

  18. Love you Kyle……but I am confused on your message here are you saying that they SHOULD have removed troops immediately?

    I am a vet that worked in military intel….you CANNOT just pull everybody around the world without a plan do you realize what would happen if you did that? Yes…..troops need to be pulled out but ppl actually get killed if you DONT do a orderly withdrawal.

    What Trump did was pretty simple to understand….."If he cant have it….then nobody will"

  19. So, straight up, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Back when Trump was in office you were all up in arms over how the Military should not listen to Trump and refuse orders, but now you are criticizing the Military for doing exactly that?

    The Military''s priority is the ongoing security of the country, regardless of who is in office, and prior to Trump the goals of protecting the country while still obeying the orders of the Commander-In-Chief never really conflicted so there was never a significant problem concerning it. Then Trump came along and now the Military has to re-assess that relationship, because if Trump had ordered the Military to deploy in force on US soil to suppress the BLM protests, does the Military disobey a direct order and thus effectively coup the government, or does it follow said order and enable a dictatorship to be established.

  20. We have civilian control over the military? That's not been true at least since the late 70s to early 80s. Foriegn policy and soft power has been incredibly superficial and brittle since Carter was ushered out of office by OPEC and the MIC.
    Trump's impulsive total withdrawal would threaten our neo-colonial corporate exploitation in each of these regions just for his own personal gain. Of course the careerists pulled out all the stops. Operating on such an outdated theoretical/fictional mythology of civilian control is at best inconsequential, at worst dangerous.

  21. More seriously, the US Military is out there to prop up the dollar as the world reserve currency. Wall Street isn't allowing that to stop.