SHOCKING Attack On Subway Worker Sparks DEBATE: Public Safety Put AT RISK By Criminal Reform?

A 64-year-old New York City subway worker was assaulted by a homeless man with over 40 previous arrests, including for a similar assault. Criminal justice reporter Tana Ganeva, Briahna Joy Gray, and Robby Soave debate how to best balance criminal justice reform with public safety. #Criminaljusticereform #Crime #NYC #Homeless

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  1. Robby's stone-headedness on this issue is infuriating. Yes, IF locking people up is the best way to keep the public safe then of course that's what we should do, but he never bothers to even try proving that that's the case. And every time the other two complicate his picture of things he just ignores them and doubles down. I know we've all done this at some point or other, but still…

  2. The guest was an out of touch liberal who would rather put the interests of the criminal over the law abiding citizen. That suspect deserves to be in prison.

  3. So much for watching Rising. This far left over concern for serial violent offenders will hopefully lead to their defeat in the midterms. Have watched for years but the new host is far more left extreme and Robby is not up to defending his position against her.

  4. Look some people can get out on bail because they have money. Others don’t so they can’t. Therefore let them all out. Make sense? No, I don’t think it does either.

  5. This is really embarrassing. There is so much talk about what would be "really good to do". The people that are committing these crimes know what they can get away with and are just playing the system. Also these women need to live in the places that the mentally ill homeless people are and see what they think then

  6. Pretending that everyone who is psychotic is violent is ridiculous. They aren't. Most of these violent folks have personality disorders which is a whole different story. That guy belongs in jail. There are concequences to our actions, including choosing not to take your meds if it makes you beat peope up.

  7. This is a terrible segment, why cant America be more like other countries who do not have financial bail conditions but if it you are assessed as a risk to the public and you have a violent criminal history then you will be remanded until trial, but if your crime is petty like skipping on public transport then it is just an automatic fine, and if you have severe mental health issues then an adults with incapacity will be put in place which means you will be put in a mental health facility and forced to take antipsychotics, again this is only if you are a danger to the public.

  8. Oh ffs briana. Just when I thought ive heard the worst of your takes you open your mouth on this and this just takes the cherry. Whats even worse is the host is just batshit crazy and breana seems to agree with her.

  9. Sooo… Brianna and this guest complain about the cost of incarceration and then advocate building "non-hellhole" facilities to house insane criminals. Facilities which need to be funded, staffed and continually supplied — what's the cost difference? What's the ACTUAL difference? No one ever explains that part.

  10. I thought the problem was that he was released the last time, bail reform is involved because he was released previously with no bail. I could be wrong but that was my interpretation of it.

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