SHOCKING! Former patients EXPOSE Amber Heard’s expert witnesses past! Johnny Depp lawyers BLAST him!

It’s day 20 of the Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard trial, and we are in the home stretch! Today, Team Heard brought in Dr. David Spiegel as an expert witness, and it didn’t work out very well! Also, Kate Moss returns!

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  1. This is such great entertainment. Better than all the crap that Hollywood warner and disney and Netflix have put out for the last 6 years…

  2. I think he will get in some kind of trouble. This was very public. I hope the Association goes after him. He not only diagnosed unethically, but also publicly called Depp an idiot, the "patient" he was supposedly diagnosing. Complete trash fire of a doctor who should be disciplined.

  3. I wish Vanessa could have testified. She could have told so much and even tell why they broke up. Was it because of abuse? Did the kids dislike Ah and why?
    I don’t know timeline from their breakup and Rum Diary.
    It also would be SO sweet if Spiegel actually got in trouble! Arrogant tool

  4. Clearly not a good doctor. Makes use of gaslighting in a simple case of being questioned. This is a man who does more damage than good under the guise of being some kind of hero. The Ego of this man barely fits in that whole court room. How did his and AH's ego fit in the same room?

  5. I can diagnose Dr. Spiegal as a “Cluster B” nut-job with a reasonable degree of layman certainty. Have I met him? No. But, I did see him on YouTube soooo….

  6. This David Spiegel (not to be confused with the Stanford psychiatrist with the same name) is a very dubious person, grounding his arguments on speculation. But the maker of this video is also speculating, based on some very subjective post by a random person. So, both Spiegel and the maker of this video are not to be trusted.

  7. What we learned from this is ALL trials that garnered public interest should be televised so we have more public oversight on abuses within courts and against courts.

  8. I honestly think that a few people on Team Heard have just killed their careers. Her lawyers, some of her Expert Witnesses & Heard herself.

    (Anyone else think Spiegle is friends with Fauci?)

  9. What "Dr" Spiegel should have done, is to inform the court that it's a opinion and not a diagnosis.
    And besides Amber, Spiegel was the one who displayed narcissistic personality traits.
    He was talking down at everybody, like he is to smart for the rest of us to understand.
    Looking around like a woke school teacher selling validation, and the Jim Carrey style crazy facial expressions.

  10. I wonder if it wasn’t intentional on AH part? Maybe she’s such a narcissist that she loves the idea of K Moss testifying at her trial. A story for the grandkids???!! Sounds crazy but then I remember who we are discussing!😂

  11. not that i like how spiegel made his testemony but reviews on google u have to take with a grain of salt…. bc everyone can write what they want there and iam sure there are 5 star revies too …. but i have to agree he looked batshit crazy sometimes^^

  12. Those reviews of the psychiatrist are really interesting, especially after all of the comments on his testimony by people saying they would hate to have him as their doctor – that he would terrify them and that he seems to be in need of psychological help, himself. As others have said, here, AH does seem to end up with “experts” that share a lot of her own traits.

  13. Even if Johnny pushed Kate Moss down the stairs why on earth would Amber marry someone that she knew could do something like that? Especially since she’s being such a victim of abuse & everything dad is gone wrong in her life has been everyone else’s fault😊

  14. Sounds like every psychiatrist in my experiences. The field is a fuckin joke. Curry is a diamond in the rough. I’d pay 5x the normal cost for her services.

  15. This *itch is destroying the truth real victims live with. But I'm glad that her evils will now help victims to validate their experiences not how she was affected but how Johnnie was affected. And this lunatic doc is a classic case of the wrong type gaining control over weaker, needy people, judging them as lower than himself and enjoying them being at his mercy. The fox in the hen house. HE should be on treatments.

  16. “ Dr “Spiegel was obviously paid in cocaine !!!
    He looked totally insane on the stand !!!

    What he did was wrong !!! Cross made him say so !!! Bye 👋

    He acted like an a$$ & may just be a narcissist & addict himself

  17. There is a video out about Speigel and Elaine talking about lying while on the stand, saying what will help Amber. That video should be checked out validity. Sure sounds true. They were talking in the area between the audience and the lawyers tables. Fudging his testimony. If true = LIAR

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