SHOCKING New Data Suggest Nearly 70% Of Dems To CENSOR YOU. Even If It Hides The TRUTH.


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  1. I heard thru the grapevine that Biden had been executed and this clown taking his place was an actor. Impossible! Nobody can impersonate such dysfunction and disregard
    for American lives.
    Regarding what people in Congress supports, they will be judged according to their deeds. Anyone supporting the taking apart of American freedoms and pushing for the establishment of dictatorship in the USA is an accomplice in treason. God willing they will be dealt with. I never taught would be so many. They count on the millions! You think you know someone and, turns out, he or she is a traitor! So much for trust in humanity. Imagine the kind of live they live in China or N. Korea, or Cuba, always afraid of being turned in by anyone they know and do not know, even your own family! Afraid to speak, always looking over one's shoulder. Repressed in one's own mind! This is what they, repellent people like AOC and the like, are calling for when they ask for a Secret police!

  2. Before companies align with this ideology they better understand the consumer can break them as well by refusing to buy anything they produce.. Look at Hollywood movies tanking, NFL people sick of them and orgs like them. The olympics hardly anyone watched. I say good job consumers.

  3. They say ignorance is bliss, however it seems to be delusion is bliss nowadays. It's really sad that people are so weak they would be controlled and feel "safe" under the thumb of selfish elected criminals who live the high life with no accountability to any laws they hold us to. It makes me sick perhaps being a tyrant is the only way to get ahead in life cause it seems to be really easy to own the sheeple.

  4. I just realized this. I wonder how all these countries within airstrike from Afghanistan are going to feel about Joe's new allies the Taliban flying into their countries in our war machines killing, raping, and pillaging their citizens?

  5. Only the taliban are having success at the moment. If the child sniffer and his administration is saying it is a success, it could only mean that they are on the side of terrorists and communists against America.

  6. It is clear that there will never be a free people or a free republic as long as there are democrats. They should just gtfo and start a country of their to trash and oppress to their hearts content. Enough already.

  7. The poll results reported here are proof that many politicians that hold office are frauds. Many of these individuals who take the oath of office have no intention of honoring it. These politicians have no honor, integrity or credibility. The American people pay these incompetents approximately 174,000 U.S.D. annually to each representative of the house as well as those of the senate. The majority and minority leaders of each body of the legislative branch are paid in excess of 193,000 U.S.D. annually. P.O.T.U.S. receives an annual salary of 400.000 U.S.D. . The Speaker of the House is paid an annual salary of 223,500 U.S.D. . These numbers don't reflect the numerous other cost of benefits and and perks of office. One of the benifits of the many they receive is that regarding their health insurance. House and Senate members only pay 28% of the cost of their premiums when enrolled in the gold level obama policy. These numbers also don't reflect the large amounts of money paid as a result of the insider information they receive or by the policies they pass into law. Probably quite a bit of monetary gain from graft and embezzlement of one form or another should be considered in the tally. Those in the political positions mentioned are also allowed to receive 15% of their basic pay for level II of the executive schedule from outside earned income. Let's not forget those pretty sweet retirement pensions. Why do the people, the employer's of the politicians, the employee's she'll out such largesse. The median household income for the average family is well below that of the politicians. The financial discrepancy is seen to be even greater considering more than 50% of households are dual income. Should the people sacrifice so much money to support a weak and ineffective and often corrupt government at the expense of their own needs and that of their families. Those serving in politics today who lie and cheat,who fail to meet the professional expectations of their emplyers, the citizens of our nation should be given their walking papers and if it can be proven that they have violated their oaths or broken any laws they should be dealt with accordingly. Until the citizens demand that the politicians live by the same standards as those who employ them there will never be the incentive for them to act in the best interests of the country and her people. Instead they will continue to act in their best interests, and we will continue to have a bloated ineffective and incompetent government that is run by these greedy self serving invertebrates.

  8. It was obvious for a long time, that about 65-70% of all democrats are simply insane.
    "misinformation" for commies = all that I don't like. B coz if platforms would ban for real misinformation, all democrats will evaporate from them ASAP.
    P.S. I didn't hear SINGLE ONE fact based statement from ANY democrat for the last 12 years, since I began to follow the US politics.


  10. I am shocked at the percentage of people who actually want to give the government the power to quash free speech, under the guise of stopping misinformation which, most often is only an opposing point of view. A direct attack against our Constitution!

  11. Why do we want to be lied to? Think Matrix — Why do so many people prefer taking the blue pill, eating 'steaks' and living plugged in to the Federal Reserve's 'wealth?' Why do people run from the pain of reality and embrace the joy of their drugged anesthesia? These should NOT be rhetorical questions! These should be serious questions for our children in high school! For our politicians to ANSWER!!

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