SHOCKING: New Evidence Suggests Ukraine BOMBED Kramatorsk Train Station, Then Blamed Russia

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SHOCKING: New Evidence Suggests Ukraine BOMBED Kramatorsk Train Station, Then Blamed Russia

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  1. People watch Olena Bondarenko videos, Ukranians admitted that they had americans inpacting Ukraine and they were involved to throw their president in 2014 and they just gave up Crimea because they knew that majority of people in Crimea would not vote for new government, they even admit having nazi. And now western media trying to tell this is all bullshit. And there's like thousand papers proving all of this. Gosh! I can believe people are so blind.

  2. None of you truthloving guys understand that isn't possible to win against the Cult MSM propaganda,they want this war and war just started,it's going to be much more worse.Their ultimate goal is rule with whole World by putting RU,CH and multipolar world on their knees.

  3. I watching this video and started playing a different video. Lucky I had already shared on my FB. Another funny thing. I copy name if this video and went back to YouTube and pasted in the search bar and did not come up with this video.

  4. Russia are claiming to have killed Taras Bobanich a top Neo Nazi commander in the Ukraine. Let's see if Western mainstream media report this 🤔

  5. The SBU organizes a staging with the “destruction” of an allegedly Russian intelligence group in the Pushcha-Voditsky forest. This was announced during a briefing by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

    According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, employees of the Security Service of Ukraine intend to organize the transportation from the morgue of the hospital in Irpen to the basement of one of the buildings on the outskirts of the city of the bodies of civilians who died from the shelling of the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

  6. Jackson, stop calling him Han lol it’s not H and its K, actually in Arabic it’s a sound between H and K that non Arabic speakers can’t pronounce 😂 but since Pakistan isn’t an Arabic country nor is their language Arabic language, they don’t pronounce Kh as Arabs do, ever pronounce is as K like we would 🙂 ask your friend Haz and he’ll explain what I’m talking about 😂 Arabs would pronounce it as something between H and K that’s extremely hard to pronounce to those whose first language isn’t Arabic, gotta learn to pronounce that sound when ur learning to speak as a child otherwise it’s gonna be extremely difficult to accomplish that feat as an adult, but the point is Pakistani aren’t Arabs and they don’t pronounce Kh like Arabs do but they pronounce it like we would, as Kān, so u shouldn’t be pronouncing it as Arabs do coz it’s an insult to Pakistanis 🙂 their language has nothing to do with Arabic, it’s a totally different language that’s closer to Turkish and Persian, belongs to the same group of language as these whereas Arabic is a Semite language like Hebrew and it has nothing in common with Pashtun or Farsi language, nothing, actually even the Arabic alphabet that they’re using since they’ve been occupied by Arabs for centuries and Arabs gave them their alphabet and it’s still theirs, only Turks switched to Roman alphabet and why? Coz Roman alphabet is much more appropriate for these languages, it’s easier to write these language in Roman alphabet than Arabic so that’s why Turks officially switched to Roman alphabet but Persians and Pakistani and many others didn’t even though Roman alphabet suits better their language. Just some general information regarding Pakistan and their language’s (but Pashtun is the most important I think, the most spoken) complete lack of any similarity to Arabic 🙂

  7. Only Evil B@$¥@*DS will bomb their own people to get the narrative they want to propagandise 🤷‍♂️ this is what the west has done for many many years, these are disgusting Nazi techniques 😡

  8. Stream gets nuked three times in a 24 hour period.

    Well done, Jackson. You are taking some heavy flak, which means the target should be just under you.

    P.S. To the intel person, or bot reading this: every time you censor someone, it GUARANTEES we are going to work overtime to find out what they were saying. You can't shut us up, no matter how many streams you shut down; no matter how many accounts you ban; no matter how many activists you dox; no matter how many content creators you [steal wages from] demonetize; no matter how many journalists you imprison. You try to hide it; We, the people, WILL learn it. You won't give up… but you should.

  9. when NATO cannot achieve anything by MILITARY way, they then resort to false manipulation of false genocides in order to present certain people as criminals in the eyes of the world and the public, which Yugoslavia did as a reason to bomb it later.

  10. That the problem you get when you involve Nazis/Azov's in your business and let them hold you hostage… They'll kill even a new born baby. They have no hearts

  11. Jackson I would like you to warn the Russian government about these airlines that have resumed issuing visas to Russians. America is planning to import a group of people into Russia that will cause riots and chaos to destabilise the Nation's peace. Am hoping that the Russian government is aware of this.

  12. Yeah just like they bombed their own hospitals, schools, etc. and all the dead bodies are staged. Russia has routinely used cluster munitions on civilian targets, not to mention, there’s satellite evidence of these things. Also, if Ukraine was in that area, close enough to drop that missile near the train station, it would have been shot down immediately by S400. It’s very hard for me to imagine how someone could think this and know what’s going on on the ground. So, if you don’t know shit about fuck, I can see having this perspective.

    *Edit: I see you’re in with the Aaron Matés & co, who oozes Russian propaganda and only talk to former military personnel who overall agree with their way of thinking. Ukraine now and Ukraine 7 years ago, aren’t the same thing, by the way.

  13. Seeking the truth will always be against true evil-doers. Being suspended or excluded from evil's propaganda media alone proves nobility. Wanna see how Julian's tweeter account looks like ? 1% is in panic mode and proclaimed propaganda war against Americans. It's time for true journalism to show the world what TRUE REPORTING really is. Today handful of extremely brave journalists fight for the right cause and I hope to see days when True Journalism will replace this bloody murderous nonsense. This Handful is the only News provider. Thank you Jackson, thank you Alex, Abby, and few others for keeping True News alive. Thank you those who paid ultimate price for providing News. Foremost – TANK YOU JULIAN!

  14. Anyone that is still stuck in the RUSSIA BAAAAAD rhetoric, needs to think about How Russia offered it's covid vaccine to any country that wanted it for free, but the USA said they would sanction any country that took the offer and forced them to pay through the nose for Bill Gates Vaccines.

  15. Maybe I am way wrong, but it seems to me that the US/NATO will have the Ukraine theater of war under constant satellite surveillance. If so, the path of that Totchka-U rocket will be recorded somewhere. If Russian forces launched that missile the path and source would be all over MSM now, with graphics, radar, satellite video, stern-faced retired Generals analyzing the whole thing, and so on. But …. crickets. Draw your own conclusions.

  16. Anyone who tries to tell the truth about what Ukraine is doing, YouTube blocks or completely deletes channels. YouTube has already deleted many channels on which people have given evidence that these are provocations of Ukraine in Bucha, Kramatorsk and Russia is innocent of this. Any truth is blocked.

  17. Have heard the insanity of Mark Levine? He is literally asking for NATO to arm the Neo Nazis in Ukraine. Mark is a complete lunatic and isn't even trying to hide it anymore.

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