SHOCKING News of 1.4% Economic Retraction Is Democrat’s Midterm DEATH KNELL, Even CNN Issues Warning

SHOCKING News of 1.4% Economic Retraction Is Democrat’s Midterm DEATH KNELL, Even CNN Issues Warning. Biden gaffes claiming that the GDP Fell TO 1.4% Or he was just outright lying

Democrats know that the news is grim and now Biden is proposing student loan forgiveness. Republicans have called this bribing voters.

Republicans were already expecting a 2022 midterm red wave but now the average generic ballot poll has the GOP up four points. This is apocalyptic for Democrats.

Democrats lose seats when they are up 5 points. Being underwater this bad spells a crushing defeat in November


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Democrats and RINOs make up The Establishment Swamp.
    They will do everything they can to stay in Power, and become more Wealthier, even if it is at the expense of the American Citizens and Taxpayers.
    I hope the Red Tsunami of 2022 Midterm Elections pick the right Republican Candidates, and not a bunch of RINOs.

  2. Tim your plan is stupid, if the company that provided the loan does not get back more than they paid then they have no reason to provide loans which means no one will be able to afford to go to school anymore. If you give them back the same amount that the student was given then the value of the dollar has decreased from the time the loan was given to the time the loan is paid back in other words yes the dollar amount paid back would be the same but the value of the dollar would be decreased in other words these financial organizations would be losing the value of their money by providing loans to students in other words they would not be loans they would be more like donations. All loans would cease and almost no one could go to school.

  3. I hate Biden, and everything he stands for, but I would vote for him if they forgave the debt. I do not care what you think about that either. : )

    Get out of student loans forever. Completely clear ALL debt and give tax breaks to anyone who has paid off loans in last 20 years. Most of people struggling with loans do not have degrees or have degrees that do not pay. They will weigh the economy down by either taking low paying jobs or no jobs to avoid paying for entire life and will contribute NOTHING and worse many will get welfare. Eliminate the debt and have an immediate stimulus to the entire economy and free up millions to seek employment again.

    Saying we should not forgive loans "because I paid mine" is an extreme right position.

  4. The only people winning are the Amish who don't require outside help, country people who can do without artificial fertilizers if their only goal is to produce enough food for their families, preppers who have their own land and isolated tribes who lived without outside contact for years and can continue without it.

    Preppers who are near cities (like myself) will have an advantage but we are still going to suffer. People like myself are a tiny fraction of the UK population and I fear what will happen in the next 5 months. Mid August will be the revealing factor in regards to the next 5 years.

  5. Why not let people file for bankruptcy like normal? Lending also comes with risk. It’s not just the borrower that is responsible for crappy loans

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