SHOCKING! This Is What Russian Supermarkets Look Like

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About Richard Medhurst: #RichardMedhurst is an independent journalist and commentator. Regular live streams and interviews with popular guests from the Left such as Glenn Greenwald, Mike Figueredo (Humanist Report) and Max Blumenthal (Grayzone). Fluent in English, Arabic, French, German, and having grown up across several continents, Medhurst’s show aims to provide a critical analysis of electoral politics and international affairs from an anti-imperialist viewpoint.

Written by Richard Medhurst


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  1. I bet they won’t really ban Rusky oil. They will work around it and get from India or someone else whose sourced from Rusky. Semantics in virtual signalling politics.

  2. As usual, a failure to see the overall strategy of why all of this is happening. So far none of you on the "alternative" media get it, you are victims of this,

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.” ― Noam Chomsky

    Part of the current' Matrix of Control' is this aspect which none of you seem to get, if you did your narratives would expand greatly, but alas you don't… or won't,

    “Officially we have two parties which are in fact wings of a common party of property with two right wings. Corporate wealth finances each. Since the property party controls every aspect of media they have had decades to create a false reality for a citizenry largely uneducated by public schools that teach conformity with an occasional advanced degree in consumerism."

    ―GORE VIDAL, The United States of Amnesia

    This is why, like George Carlin, I have become a political atheist, and after decades of trying to bring about a meaningful discussion on this, I've seen total apathy, and a tendency towards cognitive dissonance, a retreat from reality, and when it comes to the real conspiracy, communism being a side show invented by conservatives, this is true,

    "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

    — J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director

    I'm sure what I have shared will be ignored, it usually is, most will never take the right pill to actually see the Matrix that they live and move in. The warnings of great statesmen, intellectuals, historians, and even those in high places of power go unheeded, and thus I find myself sitting back watching the "freak show" as Carlin put it, as the restoration of the dark ages descends on the world, pretty well uncontested.

    One last suggestion before I sign off, read NAZI HYDRA IN AMERICA, and Gore Vidal's IMPERIAL AMERICA, these books will alter your perspectives immensely.

    “Good night and good luck”!

  3. Come, visit Russia maybe?
    It's good time of the year right now. Look on everything by own eyes.
    I suppose a lot of people will be glad to see you.

    About sanctions, whether they work – there are quite grim expectations for August-September.
    And those predictions sounds credible but we'll see how it will go

  4. $2.36 a litre here in Vancouver. I was lucky to have 2010 prius hybrid and just bought plug in hybrid Rav 4 in 2021 . Some people have parked their V8 and 6 cylinders coz can't sell them, taking transit or asking for ride to and from work. I also noticed a lot of people are putting lots of overtime or second job to make ends meet .Very sad .

  5. Fuel prices are heavily subsidised, so not very fair to compare. On the other hand, looking at the price of Nutrilon (in the clip from the Russian supermarket), it is about 50% more expensive than in the UK. And Russians are generally poorer. Who are you trying to deceive?

  6. I believe this price hike and inflation is mainly MANUFACTURED by the Oligarchs to fulfill their agenda… They say we will own nothing and 'be happy about it'. I am pretty sure they don't care if we are ever 'happy' so they just mean… we will accept it, because there will nothing we can do about it. The Oligarchs are some bat sh*t crazy people. I am pretty sure they don't look at the state of the world and take responsibility for the mess they have created… they likely just keep reinforcing their b.s. theories about how they 'must' control the world….. they FAIL and they don't see that.

  7. The worst thing that happened to us, Russians, is not prices. Prices are ok. It's anti-Russian hysteria and very bad behaviour from many people who were good to us before. They base their bad behavior only on the fact that we are from Russian nation, this is usually called nazism.
    I don't think that even if they change their minds back we will ever forget this.
    Previously many (if not most) of us thought in pro-western way. We loved our country but we wanted many things from west, and many dreamed of migrating to some 'more civilized' countries. But now we see that they are not 'more civilezed'. They are just puppets, and many of their citizens (at least vocal ones) behave like a crowd and just want some blood and someone to blame..
    This changes everything. Europe will suffer for many years cause of this change in mindset of Russians. Also, if this 'sanctions blockade' and hysteria will grow into a new cold war, there will be no safe place in Europe this time, no neutrality, everyone will be involved..
    As usual, citizens suffer when a big political game goes wrong way..

  8. Th it a is sanction exchange programs: America sanctions Russian oil and gas ⛽️ Russia sanctions and blocks fertilisers and wheat from Ukraine ports. It’s a sanction ping pong 🏓

  9. That's how much we pay a gallon in Serbia for years with 400€ salary, so who gives a fuck about them in USA. Situation is like that since they imposed sanctions on us and bombed us. Fucking terrorists didn't care about us at all. Us people of Iraq, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc.
    Now we should care about them?
    We should care about ourselves because whole world is going to suffer even more.
    And I hope USA gets what they deserve after all. Double it.

  10. Hi, Richard. I'm from Moscow region town Krasnogorsk. Why did you ask about "empty shelfs"? Nothing changed, no nomenclature or prices. Our shops are full as always – food, electronics, baby etc. Why shoud it change? Tell me? Gasstations are also full, normal price is 45-50 rubles for litre of benzin 95. But why do you ask?

  11. Finland price of 1 litra Helsinki 92 2,52 € 95 2,62 € di 2,30 € for example. Salary 1500-1800 netto. Food package cleverly made this way, made smaller (from 500gr to 300 or 250gr) but the price is same that was for 500gr.

  12. PLEASE CONVERT $/gal, ₽/L into each other, or show the different in value, you are missing out connecting people financially. I did the math, but would love if it was just mentioned. Thanks for the videos, will come back!

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