SHOCKING Video Of Hunter Biden SMOKING CRACK Emerges, Trump Unveils 757 Hinting At 2024 Announcement

SHOCKING Video Of Hunter Biden SMOKING CRACK Emerges, Trump Unveils 757 Hinting At 2024 Announcement. The video appears to show The President Joe Biden’s son smoking crack from a crack pipe.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and the hits will keep coming. Democrats will be hurt by Hunter’s shenanigans in the 2022 midterms and even into 2024.

Trump and DeSantis may both be gearing up for 2024 presidential runs as Trump unveils his modernized 757 and DeSantis meets with private mega donors


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. U miss the point Tim. We trumpets will vote for president Trump in 2024 again bc we trust him more then the rest of them crooks. Now I'm sure pres. Trump is not perfect but 6 years of faux fox hunt has shown nothing. Trump 2024 . If he doesn't run and DeSantis does I will vote for DeSantis.

  2. Don't get me wrong but Ron yes is from the military, yes he is also a governor, but does he have the experience to run a major company dealing major deals? I think not " I'm not trying to bash him but I would rather him run WITH Trump as his VP and THEN make a run as president with trumps endorsement! That way we have 12 years of badass leaders!

  3. Am I the only Ex addict who gets bothered by the fact that they keep calling it a crack pipe? It’s not a crack pipe. It’s a meth pipe. There’s a big difference. It’s Just like everyone calling a magazine a clip. well dammit, I think we have the right to get upset when people call it a crack pipe! 😂 lol

  4. What about the leaked text of joe taking showers with his daughter? Honestly i think. He's playing a fragile old man with dementia. Its a farse. A sham. I think he's sharp as ever and is putting up this effort to escape the mob's raff

  5. it will be good for trump to face ron desantis, all the republicans who hate trump will then see ron and trump fight each other and will want to support desantis and then defend their position when desantis wins.

  6. The only thing that bothers me is the double standard. If you get caught, you go to prison. If the rich and powerful get caught, that's just a part of the lifestyle.

    How about allowing everyone to make their own decisions about how they get through life and/or have fun, and stopping this game of false moralism? BTW, even if you're consistently against drugs, the arguments that you use against them can almost definitely be applied to things that you do, and you just have to hope that the other side doesn't point it out.

  7. "Never-Trump" Republicans are just the people that told us that only idiots like McCain and Romney could be elected. They should be marginalized or go vote democrat since that's what they really want but they'd prefer to launder their polices through a Republican that claims they're conservative.

  8. There's money to be made in supporting Trump's fraud narrative? No, you know full well you would be immediately pulled and censored from YouTube, and your business destroyed if you started supporting the election fraud narrative. By the way it's not a narrative. Election fraud was rampant in 2020, and has been since before 2012. Multiple independent watchdog groups site election fraud as off the charts over the last 20 years. More than enough to affect the outcome of almost any election, each election. Not just this one. But they're absolutely was fraud, in key areas that were absolutely necessary for the Democrats to win. It's not a narrative. It is what it is. You deny it, because you're basically an undercover leftist.

  9. Why is it so hard for people to understand that these deals weren't Hunter Biden, it is Joe Biden working through his son so he's slightly removed from the deals. Stop being an idiot.

  10. Basically if 90% of the country says we're going in the wrong direction but by some miracle, the election somehow is close in NOV…..HELLO, SOROS-OWNED VOTING MACHINES!!! Plus the CHINA tariffs come off soon and Russia has Oil-control plus Ukraine is given to Russia this VP BIDEN IS compromised as hell with his SON HELLOOOOOO and paying off CHINA AND RUSSIA to stay quiet and take advantage!!!!!

  11. Chuck Sawyer sons of America: Biden shouldn't have run for president! And Jill shouldn't have let him! Biden put himself out there for a puppet and deserves what he gets, legally!!!

  12. Tim dude, this video is so old. It's not new. I watched this like over a year ago. There is much worse things on the laptop than this. People dyor and quit relying on Tim "civil war grifter" Pool for information. Have a good day.

  13. Slowly watching Tim become a shill over the last three years as a subscriber. Hyperbolic click bait titles, fantastical rationalization, now defending private jet use. So long Tim, unsubscribed.

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