SHOCKING Video Shows Possible Fed In Middle Of January 6 | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the new, extensive video footage and reporting about a man right in the middle of the January 6th Capitol riot who could potentially be an FBI informant

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  1. 6:00 – Trump never told people to march into the capitol. And he explicitly told people to be peaceful. This Mr. Epps guy told people to march into the capitol. He suggested that they do something illegal, and seemed far more interested in some sort of violence.

    Now, I have no idea if he's a fed or not. The evidence for it is very thin. It is clear though, that he was an important provocateur, and far more important in terms of the events that transpired than Trump was, since he actually told the crowd they should do things that weren't legal.

  2. How would this be any different than an undercover cop participating in an undercover drug deal or something similar? Why is anybody shocked by this. Seems to be standard law enforcement practice to me.

  3. This narrative that Trump is somehow responsible for people storming into the Capitol building is so weak.
    Unless you would consider the soldiers flying drones and killing kids overseas also not responsible for their actions.
    Violence only seems to be a crime if its against certain people.
    Know your enemy

  4. Why do you guys feel the need to reference the political ideology before presenting information? I understand giving readers context but I think you should allow the readers or listeners to hear the information and consider the source on their own rather than throwing a disclaimer. You also feel the need to validate the source by letting us know someone you trust has spoken with them, as if that person is the main determinant of the legitimacy of this source. Just seems like a weird way of presenting a source in an “unbiased” way.

  5. Sad how you guys have to kowtow and apologize to the far-left just to survive
    0:04, 3:02, 3:26, 6:02, 10:35, 12:33

    Your show is still in the top 2 or 3 sources I use to get news, but it just makes me cringe a bit when y'all have to be like "please don't cancel us, we also hate trump, we promise, we're just trying to do news" even after you've gone independent. check the comments, there's a lot of trump supporters in your audience.

  6. 80 million votes seems less and less likely with every passing day of Sleepy Joe's presidency. The whole planning of Jan 6th was an effort to make sure Trump could never run again for office and to continue demonization his voters. Jan 6th quite literally stopped the entire discussion about the election irregularities and forced everyone to agree that there's nothing to see here or get grouped with the "insurrectionists". Masterful execution.