Shocking Weekly Rent Rise – Almost $100 per week!

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Greedy Landlords or Government taxes?


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  1. Left voters have no idea how much taxes they pay , because they only see income tax & Medicare levy on there paycheck . If we had a tax system like usa where taxes added at counter in some states … You'll know how much taxes government robbing you not business

  2. I wonder how all the posters who were bagging landlords, calling them slumlords and whatever else will fare as more private landlords exit the market due to it all being too hard/expensive and they have to bid for a lower number of rental properties?
    Owning property means having a large sum invested with all of the risks that entails.
    Easier to take a profit of capital gains and stick it in a term deposit of some other investment vehicle methinks.

  3. Heise, I have heard a number of examples where it is the RE agent that is pushing for the landlord to put up rents. I know one example of a $150 per week rent increase being requested. This will add more pressure to an already breaking economy.

  4. High inflation, interest rates rise, mortgage rates rise, rents rise, business rates rise, wages rise, REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT . If this behaviour carries on and gets inbeded into the system look out. The problem from the start, central banks should of smashed interest rates really fast. They didn’t. They are stuffing around. They need to nip this in the bud fast. They basically need to force a recession

  5. My Rates Have Gone Up 50% In the Last 2 years , Then with all the rain The Lovely Council said oh We wont raise Rates too Pay for the Repairs , So they Wacked on a 50 dollar disaster fee Too the Rates per Quarter LOL
    Its Fiat Money The Monetery system , They No Longer Have Surpluses all of them councils Govenments
    Its all deficit Spending
    There Is Nothing Put away for a Rainy day , no Pun intended

  6. before the rent was raised how long was it below the market average, there is no acknowledgment if the landlord had kept the price low threw covid and now raising it to market rate. Market rate would drop and renters respected if vacancy rates were high.

    Image how tenants would be treated if vacancy rates were 10%. The issue is not landlords they are just the patsy, the issue is the government, either them building more them self or there policies like red tape.

  7. Wow so the fault lies with the government putting in too many taxes, why does a government have to put in too much taxes ?? The government is good and it loves us all. He loves us so much and cannot hurt us! Come on Florian stop with these conspiracy theories!

  8. People need to downsize, share or move further out of the city.
    Once vacancy rates go up, the rents will come down
    The landlords that didn't have buffers will be forced to sell, this will lower prices.
    While vacancy rates are low, rents will increase.

  9. I know of 2 people who had bigger increases than that in the last few months.
    1 went up $160 a week.
    The other went up $185 a week
    Both were $500+ a week, now $700+

  10. I disagree often with what "Heise says", but overall I agree. We need more construction of houses and the government is def not helping.
    We need to do something about all those vacant investment properties! Anyway Heise… love your channel!

    I love to rant, forgive me. I have not had an easy run. Some LUCKY people have parents that help, I send money to help my parents. Honestly I feel it is impossible to save money, Coffee at 7/11 is a luxury. I have been cooking at home for years! Once a fortnight or 3 weeks I buy a bottle, drink alone and wonder if I can afford dating/a relationship, scared to try, no girl would want me in my financial situation, will I even ever have a family, that thought wakes me up at night.

    Here I am now drinking & ranting. It is all I have to release the stress. Maybe that is money I could of saved, I can't imagine continuing on without that release though, or $50 a fortnight making a difference.

    So tired of people saying the younger generation is lazy, sure some are. Most of the "commenters" lived with parents and saved money, had UNI paid, given a first car, had help learning to drive! Imagine being totally alone, no help, no one even to talk to for advice, living alone since 15 yrs old. It hurts reading peoples comments sometimes, "just work harder, don't be lazy, it is your fault!"… This is not just me, but nearly everyone I know, I guess that is my crowd because we had to find each other. Someone that grew up in a different crowd would never know we exist, and just assume their experience is the norm.

  11. I remember when I was a kid a higher earning than average person would buy a house, work to pay it off completely, buy an investment property, charge the tennants half the morgage in rent while still working to pay off the other half themselves, pay it off, buy another work to pay it off faster while charging half the morgage again then buy a third in cash. This meant that the tennants were rarely if ever affected by the rate rises and tax increases and renting was far more cost effective than buying for most people. Now adays people and institutions buy with full financing and charge almost the whole morgage to the tennants which makes it impossiable to deal with once the landlord passes on the full rate rises or decided arbitrarily that the property is worth more. This means the poor are alwase going to get price gouged and they will never be able to save up for the deposit on a place of their own and puts them at risk of getting tossed out every few months rather than having life time stable renters.

  12. Hi from uk, rented my 2 bed bungalow in 2005 for 675 pounds per month, now 1350 per month. Those that can’t afford to buy a house are screwed. Inflation for the poor must be over 15%?

  13. We just got the same increase for our rental in Burpengary in Qld. $100 per week increase. We rented for 6 months starting off at $470 p/w then resigned for another 6 months rent went to $520 now we are close to the renewal and I have been told the rent is going up to $620 p/w.

  14. I kinda object to the idea that its on the renter to cover the increasing costs of the landlord. It's them that makes the speculative bet on the costs in the first place, rental properties are not guaranteed to earn enough rent to cover costs . Look at Sydney rentals as an example, rent doesn't cover costs.

    Ultimately (from a economics standpoint) rental prices are solely controlled by supply of people with enough income to pay. If people as a whole cannot afford the rent then prices cannot rise.

  15. I often disagree with what you say but I completely agree government have created a lot off reasons for landlords increasing rents
    I have a 2 bedroom unit definatly not really worth it it's freehold no dept if I sell and put money in the bank even at low rates idd get about half off nwhat I get for rent in interest no hassle no mainline or realestate fees rates insurance .I feel it's not worth renting it any more with new regulations comming into effect imm seriously going to sell or live it empty my kids can use as a place to go for a holiday break or just empty I don't care it will still increase in value. And I don't have worry some asshole won't trash it or not pay his rent it's empty now since December and I've had the garage rented to neighbour on a weekly basis

  16. Rents in australia are the most expensive in the world and any rate increases, tax or untilities increase, property owners just pass on to tenents..

    Property owners laughing all the way to the bank.. don't forget need to sook poor while your on your way..

  17. Heise you mentioned it's not Cost effective to Build 2 Bedders
    Here in WA right now it's more Cost effective to Build 2x2x1 Dwellings for Developers because they actually have more relaxed 'Guidelines' than the Arbitrary BS they've gotta go through if they were following Our State Residential Design Codes.

    So a Plot of Land that could normally only be split into 3 under the Residential Design Codes, can potentially be split into 6-7 Lots under Small Dwellings guidelines, however the Lot needs to be less than 200m from a Rapid Transport Route.

    But Ultimately Developers have more Red Tape now than 5 years ago, despite our Clown Premier vowing to cut Red Tape 2 years ago

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