SHOCKING Wuhan Update: Did Fauci LIE?

New evidence has emerged that suggests Dr Fauci may have lied to Congress about his involvement in Gain of Function research in Wuhan.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. He'll Yes! There should be a congressional hearing.
    You know these people will just lie anyway because they set their own wealth and self preservation above anyone.

    Profits over people is and has been the modus operandi of the military industrial complex that we have been warned about by presidents even, for the last 86 years.+.

    Smedley D Butler wrote " War is a Racket" in 1935.

  2. The COVID-19 vaccine is the most profitable product ever created!! Fauci and bill gates are the driving forces behind all of this! They are making a killing $$$💰💰💰💰💵💵💵💵💉

  3. What blows my mind more than ANYTHING is how Fauci has the BALLS to go in front of the American and world public and dare dictate to people on what to do and policies about this virus and any government entity that still listens to him is unholy untrustworthy. Jesus Christ on a Trisquit – this guy is telling us all what to do about the Corona Virus – after – FUNDING THE RESEARCH THAT CAUSED FUCKING CORONA VIRUS. That’s fucking LUDICROUS. THEN after he is called out on it he lies his ass off — while under oath to congress in a congressional hearing – THEN – instead of disappearing down the toilet like the piece of shit he is – HE STILL GOES ON TV AND TELLS US WHAT TO DO. The balls on this dude – where two masks where three masks – I only told everyone not to wear a mask so that people wouldn’t buy them up and our medical people wouldn’t have them – THAT ASS HOLE LIED ABOUT FUNDING THIS NIGHTMARE AND STILL IS TELLING EVERYONE WHAT TO DO TO COMBAT IT – this asshole that is telling people to get vaccinated and has a hard on for it and wants to ignore natural immunity – FUCK YOUR VACCINE ASS HOLE.

  4. Yes, its hard to see the truth in a polarized environment. Even anti-big pharma liberals go with Fauci because (as Russell said) he put his hand across his face next to Trump. But so easy to see Big Pharma = Big Profits = Big Pandemics. Essential that the truth on Covid comes out because I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg. Calls to question any of those zoonotic virus causing pandemics (swine flu, bird flu, you name it) in the last 20 years and, dare I say it, perhaps HIV as well? If you recall, they said HIV was simian in origin and jumped species.

  5. Fauci: "Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science." No, Mr. Fauci, you are NOT science. You are a lying psychopath who exploits science in an attempt to control the unthinking masses. Your crimes are being exposed and the world is waking up to your atrocities. Enjoy your unwarranted sense of superiority while you still can; it wont be much longer.




  6. It’s as if there are hundreds of Russell Brands…only way to explain the amount of work he does…and live performance…purple belt jujitsu…meditation training…

    it’s like he produces every day (award winning)
    • one Late Night Live and
    .• one Four Corners and a • • • • •comedy spot on Late Night TV all from his home

  7. Right.

    You know when they first announced this pandemic I just dove head first into research. I wanted to learn as much about virology as I could and while I was doing research I came across a number of periodicals and published papers that talked about fauci's involvement in gain of function research at the Wuhan institute of virology.
    That stuff was all readily available on the internet. I saved a 62 page PDF that has a hundred active links supporting the paper as references and resources and I saved another paper published by two scientists (I think) that fled China and wrote a paper about what they were doing. It was published in a number of periodicals about faucis involvement, support and investing in gain of function research. . His involvement, the Obama administration, the Trump administration and at the time nobody really thought about the implications because people were just accepting that it was an organic mutation. Or that it came from that stupid meat factory. And then a lot of people started really looking at that data and were like no that's highly unlikely and so slowly all the information that I originally found online has has disappeared you can't find any of it.

  8. the Americans want to blame China for everything. If the world finds out that the Americans (ie Fauci) PAID for covid to be developed, lawsuits will result. THAT's why Fauci is lying (not to mention all the grieving family members and what they might do to him). ps there are MANY times when Fauci certainly didn't seem to know what he's talking about…he wouldn't be wearing 2 cloth masks if he did know. ps Fauci constantly lied in front of Congress…i can't see that another hearing would make much difference.

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