SHOCKINGLY Bad Jobs Report Shows Biden Plan Is Failing, Economists Predict Global Economic Meltdown

SHOCKINGLY Bad Jobs Report Shows Biden Plan Is Failing, Economists Predict Global Economic Meltdown. Democrats somehow believe the economy is good despite the failures and warnings.

inflation is up, its rising, food shortages are escalating, rent is about to surge and millions face evictions.

While republicans seem to be absent from the conversation at least conservatives and independents recognize the state of the economy is not good.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. This is depressing. We are faced with 2 unfavorable options: mask mandates and a closed economy or opening the economy at the expense of the health of the populous. In times like this I truly wish we had leadership that actually have our best interests in mind. God I miss the days of mean tweets.

  2. 8:45  

    Lemme learn yall a story. Back when the pandemic first started I worked in O’Reilly Autoparts warehouse. I was an order picker. My job was to use a remote AI system to assist me in picking correct parts and placing them in totes to be shipped off elsewhere in the warehouse. You’d get 5 totes together, pick for all 5, do a run down about a 300 ft stretch of different shelves containing the products. The warehouse was always hot and stuffy. Easily 90 degrees even in the colder days of February in 2019 when I first started there.

    Covid hit in March. Luckily I was watching Tim back then so I knew this was coming and had properly prepared. I had my food, meds, batteries, etc that was required. I did not have masks that adequately worked for me. I am asthmatic. I was born blue and the average breath I take retains anywhere from 5-20% less oxygen than a normal adult.

    Masks got implemented. I wore it while I worked. I couldn’t breathe. I wear contacts and my rapid exhalation was blowing my own breath back into my face drying my eyes out and effectively blinding me. O’Reillys only offered us 1 mask a day at the starting months because everyone panic bought the masks and we were forced to work out 12-18 hour days with the same mask. I was getting dizzy. My fingers would get numb. I lost my balance more times than I could count. I was losing my place with my product picking and getting my totes wrong. I was in our upper echelon of pickers, in the top 15 out of 50. 2 weeks of wearing the mask and I dropped to dead last. I would have conversations with my ex and not know what we were talking about 5 minutes later. I was slurring my speech. I had a complete loss of my coordination and was constantly dropping things or bumping into them.

    I went to the doctor, well rather my ex and mom pulled me out of work and made me go. They feared I’d had a stroke. After seeing the doctor the answer came back. I was suffering from the effects of hypoxia; lack of oxygen to the brain.

    So when these companies say “you still have to wear a mask” I say “fuck off fire me first. I have medical history of being harmed by wearing a mask and doing the work I do (I work in another warehouse now, doing even more physically strenuous work).” I am done with the masks. I got my vaccine, hell I got Pfizer. I got the FDA approved one. Fuck off, no more masks for me.

  3. How do you know what "their plan" is? I would argue the plan is going exactly as expected…

    Tim, it is like you just report on something and then, the next day, you forgot what you reported on the day before.
    It's time to start putting the puzzle pieces together.
    While we are at it, maybe you could actually have a serious discussion and actually answer the question: When is violence justified? (It's not "never", as you like to assert)

  4. It used to be that MOST employees at McDonalds were teenagers. Only a couple of manager and mid-manager types were actual adults. It was a great way to save up money for your first car. Now you mostly see adult immigrants who can barely speak English working behind the counter.

  5. Try being in a warehouse, 80-90° with welding and grinding going on around you, having to wear long /fire resistant clothing, and then be required to wear a mask all day while doing hard labor…. for as much as they are getting paid at a fast food restaurant…
    I just gave my 2 weeks notice, and go about my work without a mask, waiting to get let go early🤷‍♂️🤣🖕

  6. It’s funny you mention auto sales are down. I’ve had my car for 12 years. Because the price of new cars are going up, I’m hanging onto this thing much longer than I ever planned to. I am not gonna overpay for a damn car.

  7. You make mention about being shocked that McDonald’s is looking to hire 14-year-olds to work. When I was in high school back in the 80s, that was one of the places that teenagers worked. It was almost exclusively HS students

  8. It's funny. Back in the '80s and' 90's, hiring 14yr olds was normal. They could run registers, take orders, clean tables, sweep floors, etc. Nowadays it's unheard of. I started working at 14 and that's how I learned about responsible behavior and budgeting

  9. The presidential vegetable, Potato Joe has an economic plan ??? What a joke. . I suppose printing money and spending trillions of dollars you don't have is a plan of sorts for the mentally deranged and financial Pigmies.

  10. Car sales were down this year, but Seadoo was sold out , boat sales were up as were other recreational equipment..

    People didn't pay rent..they bought other things they cant afford and when landlords start suing everyone that didn't pay bills will be screwed🤣

  11. 🤣🤣🤣Tim keeps saying read the news…Only Fox and Newsmax are trying to report news….the demoncrats propaganda machine ie; cnn , nbc , cbs , abc ,Washington post , NY Times hide reality, so opinions of demoncrats are bases off of a false narrative and group think…same with polls….

  12. tim….as I see it you guys are in the late 1920's maybe even early 1930's of germany you got a demented fool on top of the state rising inflation which will keep going and I hope for god I'm wrong but all it needs is ONE malicious actor to topple it all

  13. My son is one of the working poor, relies on public transportation, very limited with hours and locations. If companies want workers, maybe they should invest in a way to pick them up.

  14. the jobs issue isnt on Biden, its on greedy companies, Folks arent taking the slave wages anymore and arent returning to work at said jobs, if they want the numbers to go up they have to start paying a living wage.

    nice try but this is utterly bogus

  15. I've said this from the start… Trump was not a puppet, so they needed him removed… Biden is nothing but a puppet, he can barely speak… He speaks whatever you feed him, the whole world knows hes weak and a puppet… Nobody gives a fuck what he says, hes not a leader (someone else is)

  16. What plan? Anyone know of a plan? I mean besides obviously destroying as much as possible… 🤷

    Can a Biden supporter even tell me what plan he claims to have without google?Google? Covid?

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