Shooting Erupts In CHAZ, One Rumored DEAD, Shooter At Large, Leftist In ATL Also Shot (UPDATED)

UPDATE: A local report claims one person has died

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  1. It's time for the new American way. Send in the drones and keep the willfully retarded lairs in there. Keep Capital Hill Asylum Zone as a dumping site for the willfully retarded lairs..

  2. As someone who lived in Juneau, Alaska for a number of years, I had the unfortunate luck to have to travel to work in and around Seattle quite a bit…I'm gonna be blunt: Seattle is one of the grossest, dirtiest third world resemblin dumps of a city that exists in the lower 48 today….from the punk Seattle Shithawk fans, to heroin addicts walkin around everywhere, to the epidemic of no good liberal scumbags wherever you look, that city and its voting populace is getting exactly what it deserves with this CHOP nonsense….

  3. Yeah the black pilling is starting to set into a few people.
    I'm not expecting much in my town but I don't have a good feeling about anything either.

  4. Even tho antifa is hiding behind blm, lets be real here, BLM is not helping much about these riots and they keep having similar dumb ideas like other groups.

  5. It's not about the union or the confederates. It's about destroying prominent white historical figures. Doesn't matter if Grant defeated the confederacy, because they just see an old white guy on a statue. These vandalisms, attacks of innocents, and everything else going on are a step by step destruction of society. The real patriots of this country are getting fed up. It won't be long…

  6. A prominent BLM supporter at the Killer Mike press conference claimed Atlanta is Wakanda… Whites should move out and let them have this multicultural/ multi- gun fight 'paradise'.

  7. I can't blame the cops for walking off the job. At this point, if shit hits the fan and somebody gets killed by a cop that cop's life is over regardless of the facts

  8. One dumbass distributes rifles to a bunch of teenagers.

    Suddenly a bunch of people are getting shot.

    It's almost as if these is a correlation between these two things.

  9. The reason why some of these officers are still going to work is because they choose to still protect the innocent public. Me being a family member of police officers, they know that they are still needed. They joined the force knowing that they are going to put their lives on the line every second of the day for strangers even before all of this craziness.

  10. You know how you know someone is mentally deficient? If they believe in Communism and they think it's a good idea to start playing with guns, in a country where conservatives on the whole have guns and are extremely proficient with them. Believing in Communism is enough to make that call in fairness, but the guns thing is a nice cherry on top.

  11. Do you want to watch your country sold into slavery and burnt to the ground by the Republicans or the Democrats? Election 2020! Make sure to vote everyone!

  12. The summer of love is kaput… Sorry mayor…. The summer of the gun… The summer of gangbangers… The summer of mediocre rappers.. The summer of hippies?

  13. Buy a cheap phone. Leave your cell phone while live streaming it on the ground or have it snatched. Chop guards will come to grab it.Its now a tracking device and your live stream can be used to prosecute potential criminals in the future.

  14. The fake journalists do love their word Alleged. Its such a nice shield, if its found out its fake, it was only alleged. If it might slightly benefits opposition, its just alleged. What happened to do or do not? Imagine how would it look if you replaced the word with synonimous word: They have rumored witness and a rumored video, we all seen it but remember its just a rumor. Siiiigh

  15. Notice how all those school and mall shootings stopped as fast as they started. It’s almost like they were paid by some government organization to push the narrative and didnt work so they are taking more drastic measures to remove our rights now

  16. Stand your ground, castle doctrine and constitutional carry. Notice how az has all of those and none of this is happening here. It’s almost like the 2a stops crime lol. No one is bold enough to bring the bullshit here because they know we won’t stand for it and shit will go south for them here real quick. And once the police are gone, they are going to find out real quick that armed citizens will do the job and will be far worse than the police for them

  17. Nobody’s highjacking BLM BLM is fulfilling its purpose. If you don’t get that you’re thick and should be denied the right to engage politically. Limited suffrage would be nice.

  18. "multiple shootings from mostly peaceful protesters fight against extreme right violent words and statues"
    I love how the article says definitely that Brooks was killed by the police but say he only "allegedly" pointed a taser at them first
    "I wonder why multiple videos of crowds of cultists beat the crap of random people while chanting BLM" maybe cause it exemplifies and shocks people into seeing how bad this has become

  19. On the Blu Flu: How much y'all wanna bet that if private security firms started doing the same and dropping their client's(elites and celebs) contracts, that those same elites would suddenly want the cops to stay and the "protests" to end? 😉

  20. And now people are being shot close to the white house, and here we had someone shot and killed 1 building over from the PD with cops in the PD. You can see the PD from where a 19 year old was shot and killed.