Shootings And Murder DOUBLE In NYC During Protests, The Left Is Advocating For “The Purge”

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  1. This is because, today: these sjw people refuse to listen to the warnings of wise men of old. They are not taught of the differences of men and women or the Nature of Mankind . And even those that hear, refuse to believe it. They refuse to see even the evidence of the real world in front of them. So they end up doing stupid things that means they have to learn all over again the very, very, very hard way. And it will hurt, even to the point of killing them.

  2. They should all see Jocko's videos.
    All should take responsibility. The police didn't do their job properly. They are a partly criminal organization instead of protectors.
    The politicians didn't do their job to supervise the police.
    Looters are criminal and also don't take responsibility.
    What did they think would happen if the police kills and abuses people? Now it is only the peoples fault? The "people" are a heterogeous crowd. Police has a hierarchy.
    Who could have prevented this in the first place?
    I think the police and the politics.

  3. I ask one of these defund the police people what would happen if people need the police help but because we defunded it there isnt enough cops what do we do. The person literally said if you are scared protect yourself. Literally buy a gun and murder people that threaten you and they think this is a better system then what we have know. Also pointed out that in this country we have a worst history with community policing then with cops. Remember lynching were people do community policing and they really didnt care about finding the right criminal or do process

  4. It might just be my experience, but left wingers tend to define themselves by what they hate, and right wingers tend to define themselves by what they support. That deviation alone seems pretty significant.

  5. Did the lefty's not actually watch The Purge? It was started by far right elites….besides who is more prepared for a Purge or to hunt in a Purge than the right?

  6. Wow..tim pool is now concerned about the coronavirus ?? What were his "views" on the mask rules ?? Oh thats right! He was against them! Now he's worried about the coronavirus pandemic? Not worried when armed men without masks were trying to storm the Michigan state House! Cant have it both ways!


  7. So without law and order, jobs, stores, public services, and adequate survival supplies such as food, clean water, and medical gear…
    How long before Minneapolis is completely and utterly deserted? It will be an unprecedented event in history. A metropolis of millions abandoned in less than a few months. Don’t believe it can happen? Ask yourself this; would YOU want to live there?

  8. Pushing over an old person over is cowardly it doesn’t matter if he’s giving out he’s an old man what’s he gonna do just walk pass him if that was Australia he would’ve got ten years it’s mandatory ten year sentence for a “coward punch “ and lets be honest it was

  9. It is a coupe. The masks are to get us used to wearing a burka. It will be open season on anyone none muslim or who does not live by sharia law. They won.

  10. Minneapolis still has a Sheriff's department. The Sheriff answers only to the public by election. The police actually only serve the mayor, not the public. As the supreme court said long ago the police have no duty to protect and serve the public. The Sheriff on the other hand is constitutional and the deputies answer to the Sheriff not the mayor.

  11. I am BEYOND tired of this myth of 'peaceful Canada.' Canada is NOT a quiet, peaceful place to live. Canada is FAR more violent than the US. Canada has THREE TIMES the violent crime rate of the US. (And for those who want to promote the notion that the UK is peaceful, it has FOUR TIMES the violent crime rate of the US.)

  12. Hundreds of Millions of Americans are now wanting pay back on these RIOTER'S..The government needs to look away a few days,,We promise to get rid of the body's.. Sharks,,Hogs,,Crabs, all gotta eat..