Shootout on the Texas Border

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  1. The pure ignorance of these two is just amazing. The United States has and continues to conduct operations to take down the cartels but we have to tell the Mexican government which then informs the cartels which either leave or setup ambushes for our troops. Do better with your research it shows your no better than CNN or the BBC.

  2. Biggest problem is that these cartels are better armed and funded than the indifferent and corrupt mexican authorities. If the US really want to interfere in another country's affairs, they should start by defunding and drone-striking mexican narcos.

  3. The only reason I can see the US taking in so many migrants in that isn't directly nefarious is that they know they'll need the bodies for ww3. But that's a stretch. Far more plausible that bidens a spy and his mission is to fuck us up as much as possible before being caught

  4. A shooting war with Russia and her allies? American lawmakers are fooling themselves. America has been getting their butts kicked by guys with towels on their heads driving around in Toyota trucks for about 30 years now. Fight a major power? Insane. America can't even secure their own borders let alone someone else's. These idiots are going to get everyone killed. This isn't a movie. America hasn't won a war in 50 years. Team America isn't going to show up and save the MFing day. They will loose. It's so laughable it's pathetic. Get real, come back to Earth. The only people who will suffer for this are Americans, not the lawmakers.

  5. Every other country is allowed to pursue their own self interest, except the people of my country. The government here panders to problems of the globe every single day, and americans not only get the bill, they're derided and made out to be bigots.

    How are we not supreme, if we had to hold the worlds hand through every stupid conflict they find themselves in?

  6. Unfortunately you fine British chaps are very wrong about 800mil taking care of the cartel. I’ve had friends die in this war for money and territory. The cartel are a shadow state at this point, if they were a country they would have a gdp in the top 15, they would have a total land area (non consecutive stretch’s of land and this is land the cartel owns through slush companies not just the buildings on the land), they would have a military size within the top 30 largest, and when it comes to having and being able to deploy advance high tech weaponry they would be in the top 15. It runs deep and pancho villa would blush at what these guys can do and have accomplished. A friend of a brother was a ring leader of a small embezzlement conspiracy within the Marines that would steal military hardware and munitions. A lot more than this video don’t make it to the news, I saw pictures taken of the aftermath of a military transportation train after it was ambushed by the cartel who rolled up on these off road razor with a ma deuce on the top which was other military equipment they stole. This is a shadow war with a shadow state and the line on that border is getting thinner and thinner all the time.
    Its nuts this video made it as far as even getting a YouTube commentary video, the situation at the border has just about reached critical mass and we are only a few major incidents away from a run away chain reaction that won’t be able to reverse course. And of course the US unintentionally just makes the problem worse take for example the arrest and extradition of el chapo Guzman, this guy was to the cartel what saddam was for Iraq-a ruthless strong man that held his people together with an iron fist. When we took Guzman to the US it caused a riff that quickly descended into a full blown civil war where Guzmans old right hand had bought out the police and swat and other paramilitaries and Guzman son bought out and owned the actual Mexican military and they just started fighting over the territory and who would replace Guzman.

  7. Because of strict gun laws in Mexico, only the government and cartel members are able to keep and carry firearms. Citizens aren't even able to defend themselves against the violence. Things would be very different if they weren't prohibited from protecting themselves.

  8. It’s sick honestly. What our government doesn’t grasp and what a lot of mostly white liberals don’t realize is that a good size of the legal immigrants and actually a super majority of the illegal ones want desperately to go home. A friend of mine named Leo has been illegally living here in the United States for almost 12 years and even though he said he longs for home in a lot of ways he is more American than a good amount of Americans born here. I don’t know many people that would not only walk almost 1200 miles through the desert to come to America, I don’t many people who drink sitting water and their own urine and eat bugs to come to America. I throughly believe that I would be mentally strong enough to have the will power to do the first two things but not even I or anyone I know but Leo and the tens of thousands like him would be able to watch his father be killed mother and sister raped repeatedly over a period of three months and stay with the perpetrator because he’s your only guarantee that you make it to America.

  9. Mexcian cartel scares the shit out of me. If you've ever seen one of their videos… let's just say when you would rather get captured by ISIS you know shit got real.

  10. It's important to realize that a big part of Biden's "border policy" is purposely intended to punish the State of Texas for running a parallel independent (more prosperous) nation. Biden treats Texas exactly like Ukraine, except in this scenario he is Putin.

  11. Talk about how Biden stopped weapons sales to Ukraine back in June 2021 only because it was trumps idea. Bet they would of been happier to have them before Russia invaded.

  12. This is something (not the only thing) a lot of Europeans don't get, when they scold America for not taking in "immigrants". They don't understand the numbers. We get as many ~legal~ immigrants, by a percentage, as any European nation. But we also get 10 times as many ~illegal~ migrants.

  13. Now, I don't do cocaine, so don't really care.. But….. Being judgy over some cartel stuff… You gonna sell your american, chinese, british… wait… You have to sell everything produced by everyone .. Cuz every western alliance member bombed children in the east.

    Yeah, cartels murder.. Yeah… So what? If toothpaste becomes illegal tomorrow, you gonna stop brushing your teeth, cuz cartels murder people? judgemental prick. Piss off.

  14. By "this is basically what happens in Ukraine" you mean criminals stopping truck to rob them? Doesnt feel comparable with russian army bombing mariupol for 2 weeks killing over 2000 civilians..

  15. Now I've never been to Ukraine but once upon a time I was working at a clothing store here in Canada and a Ukrainian university student was looking for a jacket and was asking about Canadian winters. I ignorantly said it probably is very similar to what he is used to in Ukraine, averages around -15 – -20°C with it snapping down to -30 – -40°C for a couple weeks out of the winter. He was appalled. According to him the coldest he had ever experienced was a storm where it got down to -30°C.

  16. yea in texas here the US gov has tied our border guards arms. basically our governor has been fighting non stop to secure the border and out of state politicians keep spinning it as a texas is racist issue. the news constantly sides with DC so other states dont know this is even going on.

  17. Drug users are victims of many of the effects of the drug war. Products made more dangerous and unreliable, criminal elements infiltrating the scenes, harsher prison sentences than many violent crimes and demonization by society.
    But yeah sure, let's blame them for funding the cartels the government policy creates to.

    Were the legal machine of the USA legitimately trying to remedy this situation you would have a point but as it stands this is a problem the government creates and drug users are victims of it to.
    From "legalise it, man" campaigners to War on Drugs chickenhawks there is bloody nobody trying to find a good solution to these problems.

  18. The attention of the masses is directed by MSM. IRS all propaganda. And absurd.

    Treat them just like you would a person who has deliberately lied to you several times.

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