Shop Owner Tells Story Behind Hunter Biden’s Laptop

John Paul Mac Isaac, owner of The Mac Shop in Delaware, has recently come forward to tell his story about when he received Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. Primo, maybe consider doing these great live chats later in the day. I imagine you would pick up more people in later time zones/late Saturday morning sleepers. BTW, I've gone to Rokfin cuz of you and will figure out how to become a premium member ASAP

  2. I hope you will clip and post the Mayorkas segment as a stand-alone. It’s fantastic. I hadn’t seen that testimony. Words I would use to describe that guy: liar, prevaricator, obfuscator. Not good qualities for a head of Homeland Security but probably in the job description.

  3. I will parcipate when we address the issue of Global DISARMAMENT OF ALL THOSE IN POSSESSION OFVWEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTIONS. Russia is going to stay in Ukraine until NATO STOP EXPANDING WITH THE BLESSING OF ITS MASTER THE UNITED STATES IN AMERICA. AS FOR UKRAINE? N.E.G.O.C.I.A.T.E NOW! As for us: Global Disarmament Now! New Global Economic System that Ends the Criminal Santions and Robbery of other countries RESOURCES!

  4. They tried to imprison Daniel Ellsberg for the Pentagon Papers. Primo, don't watch Rand Paul grilling Fauci, you'll lose your sh*t. All your swearing is your passion showing. Bop bops are jabs – ya know – VACCINATIONS.

  5. Now that I understand who’s in charge of the disinformation board, I understand just how bad this is. This woman is so cringe, she seems as nasty as Teera Tanden. Lol Now THAT is scary!

  6. Primo – please! Don't use phrases like;"a nobody like me" because it's not true. Your opinion is always so interesting and your guests really are excellent. Keep spreading the word ✊👍

  7. Telegram is heads & tails over Twitter..
    Rumble has an app on FireStick that is great for those watching on TV! And Odysee has consistently chosen freespeech over Censorship!
    For those trying to get Russia out of Ukraine, congratulations for your support of US backed NAZI's killing Ukrainian's!

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