Shot, Chaser at Network Nine

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. that’s ok mate, you get up to $20k for non-fatal side effects. obviously can’t go after Pfizer and Co as our beautiful government waved their liability.

  2. Shame on Channel 9. In 2018, long before Covid and vaccines there were two incidents with St Kilda’s Dylan Roberton and Collingwood VFL player Kayle Kirby both collapsing due to irregular heartbeats. Carlton players Matthew Kreuzer & Caleb Marchbank also had heart issues on field in 2018 well before Covid and vaccines.

  3. Every time a vaccine has been released in history its at the back end of a virus. And the on-going debate is if these vaccines did anything for the wider community, or did the virus just die out on its own like so many do. While we clearly know vaccines can do great things for many people, they're not this super drug to get you out of an on-going pandemic. We quote the science, yet we're the anti-vaxxers? Gotta love the past 3 years.

  4. Ooo yes he is an anti vaxer! Only an anti vaxer will say he is not an anti vaxer 😂😂. Rather try this one “for the first time i am allowed to think for myself” and yes this is concerning!!

  5. This is your shot to destroy your health in order that the pharmaceutical companies and globalists may profit via your suffering, lower the global population and take control of every aspect of your lives 👍🏽

  6. You're the man, Rukshan.

    Channel 9 might be losing some ad funding soon.

    Heart attacks are up 2.5% and that is just one of the plethora of vaxgene side effects. This would be breaking news, at any other time.

  7. "We're not anti-vaxxers" BUT you and those like you called anyone who had a modicum of hesitancy MURDERERS, ANTI-SCIENCE, and a whole host of insults, not to mention that some even wished for our deaths.
    "They want you and yours dead and they laugh about it" pretty much sums it all up.

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