Should “Predator” Louie CK Be Allowed Into Australia and New Zealand?

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. So, he is a sexual predator now? He asked the women if he could masterbate in front of them. They consented because he proceeded and they watched. He asked if he could take his clothes off. All these women sat and watched him or listen on the phone. All they had to do was look away and leave or hang the phone up. No…instead they brought it to the media. They all said they looked up to Louie. He even admitted he had a problem. He never preyed upon women. Women were never in danger. Yet…he is now deemed a sexual predator…it is quite sad to see soy boys go along with this narrative

  2. There are alot of fetish shit out there but he got consent so whats the problem I mean he could of done worse but he didn't why do we cancel someone for getting consent we always say you need consent before shit he gets it and they still have a problem

  3. Only reason I don't like Louie CK is because during Pete Davidson's Netflix special he told a story about Louie trying to get him into trouble for smoking weed. This guys hobby is pulling his dick out in front of people and he's trying to get someone in trouble for smoking a bit of weed. Pathetic.

  4. 1) Aotearoa isn't what all NZers call NZ, it's the Maori name that we are supposed to use since everything should be Maori apparently.
    2) If Louie didn't break any laws, didn't hurt anyone AND had consent… WTF is the problem? Sure its not something that 90% of people would do but if he had consent who cares.
    3) I'm guessing the whole death threat cancel BS that you had to deal with over a joke is why you don't come to Christchurch. FFS people need to lighten up. Mate, I live in CHCH and if you came here I'd cook you an Clare a feed for being awesome c*nts!
    It's pretty obvious when you are being serious and when you are joking. Sure it may not be to everyone's taste, but for those that take offense or don't like it, BREAKING NEWS! there are more people on YT to watch!

  5. Why are they trying to lock CK up and throw away the key? … One word…
    *Definition of Jealousy:
    1. showing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another's advantages
    he was never covetous before he met her; jealous of his success and covetous of his possessions; envious of their art collection
    2. suspicious or unduly suspicious or fearful of being displaced by a rival
    a jealous lover
    *From Artha the open thesaurus..

  6. I don't get it. Louis CK ASKED these women if he could diddle himself in front of them and the ones that said yes got a CK wank show. WTF is wrong with that? How is that predatory? You wanted us to ask consent and we did but that seems to not be good enough. Leave the guy alone already!

  7. This video’s title is very miss leading! I just watched the movie Predator and i really think CK is just a normal man! So yes he can come to Australia. But no actual predators please!

  8. Nothing that Louis did, as accused of, is that bad. Awkward, sure. Uncomfortable, sure. Predatory? No. Wanting to jerk off in front of people, and after obtaining consent doing so, is not dangerous or harmful. I'll accept that the women might have felt there were power dynamics that he didn't consider, but it was just how they felt, not a factual dynamic, or one where there seemed to be evidence that he was intentionally making use of any power dynamics.

    If an executive at my company, who is not my direct manager, comes up at a work party or something and asks if I want to go back to their place – and I agree without asking any questions, or being threatened in any way – are they at fault because they didn't realize that I might feel pressured? You can't just assume someone is trying to coerce you because they express interest in something. It's so silly.

  9. there isnt more women in comedy cos most of them are not funny. i hope he realises there is more S.A in a mens prison than women in public….
    most pple in nz dont like Guy Williams anyway.

  10. Wtf is Guy Williams even talking about. I honestly don't believe what he's saying and think he's just virtue signalling to grab some clout off of C Ks name to keep employed in entertainment. His reasoning for more males than females shows he's trying to conform because he's aware how freaking woke NZ has become.

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