Should we have had lockdowns? | Lord Jonathan Sumption #clip

Lord Jonathan Sumption QC says “no society in history has made itself healthier by making itself poorer”. This comes after series of COVID lockdowns across the world had serious negative effects on economies and populations – which younger generations are paying for.

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Conversations feature John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, interviewing the world’s foremost thought leaders about today’s pressing social, cultural and political issues.

John believes proper, robust dialogue is necessary if we are to maintain our social strength and cohesion. As he puts it; “You cannot get good public policy out of a bad public debate.”

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Written by John Anderson


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  1. In the U.S., in addition to the things he listed, drug overdoses went up, domestic abuse increased, and elementary school children started killing themselves

  2. The real lesson is to reject mainstream media in our everyday lives, so that we are better prepared to resist future tyrannical decisions.
    Being in a constant state of media induced pre conditioning, weakens our immunity to fanatical decisions.

  3. John to be honest you lost all of my respect over the last 2 years supporting lockdowns, vaccine passports and mandates. These are antithetical to liberal principles. It also shows a lack of courage and lateral thinking ability.

    You are only poking your head above the parapets now that is safe to do so.

  4. Was there a net reduction in deaths ? If the answer is not an unequivocal no, then the lockdown response to Covid was wrong.Can politics ever be, at least partly, evidence-based? I don't know. Nor do I know the pom, but found him impressively erudite.

  5. I agree with what is being said, but one could stretch it even broader: has human live itself been helped by the freedom destroying lockdowns? IOW: was it worth it to effectively destroying 2 years free living for everybody for the sake of elongating maximum a couple months of the lives of the those whose lives effectively already were pretty much over? Living in residential homes; no longer able to do anything with their lives due to all kinds of underlying issues.

    I would say no. It wasn't worth it, and it has been clear already after a couple of months after de Covid outbreak started.

    The responsible statesmen should be prosecuted.

  6. Jonathan Sumption is correct, in my opinion, except in one area: he claims that what has been DONE to us and the Nation's children is a "profoundly wicked thing to do", but that the protagonists are not, themselves, "wicked people". I beg to differ! When one learns of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, and his "Young Leaders Programme" then (unless these are all fictions) the protagonists are, themselves, profoundly wicked people, who belong nowhere near the reins which enable them to interfere in the lives of their fellow human-beings. They need to be incarcerated: for the common health and wealth of humanity. They are just not 'safe' out in the open.

  7. The so called lockdowns were the first of tests to see what they can get away with based on our reactions.
    Wait till they really try something big on depending on the next outbreak they think of.

  8. Hi All From Melbourne Australia

    first google and study this graph:

    Yes, we had significant lock downs. Now they are gone the 7 day average day death toll is continuing to rise. 51 per day at the moment Far greater than during the lock downs. the average during lock downs peaked at about 20 and most weeks was a lot lower than that.
    The discussion on this video centers around a "wicked" premise that is applied to various government officials. This is totally wrong. The officials tried to preserve the lives of the citizens. And they were successful.

    This sort of drawing room discussion is misleading. Let the facts speak for themselves.
    UK 2574 deaths per million of population.
    Australia 274 deaths per million of population.

    Many thousands of lives saved.

  9. I live in Japan, which did not mandate any lockdowns, it did not mandate school or business closures, it did not mandate vaccines. The most the Japanese government did was strongly recommend these things. The Japanese people were free to move about as they liked during the pandemic, though some stores, restaurants, or shops closed or limited hours, many or most did not. This means that Japan's economy continued to run during the pandemic, albeit at a lower level. In regards to pandemic relief, Japan spent very little. Individuals received a one-time payment of $800, and businesses which complied with the government's requests were eligible for a subsidy. In Japan the ordinary people are assumed to adhere to certain level of responsibility, this means that they can find ways to support themselves in times of hardship, and indeed this was the case. Most Japanese save money, and this money came in handy for those who couldn't work, or were forced to work reduced hours. The government and the people both know that handing out money in the form of relief would result in inflation, which would eventually negate any short term benefit. Europeans and Americans are learning now what Japan knew two years ago, "there are no free lunches." Therefore, while Europe and America are experiencing high inflation or a "cost of living crisis," inflation in Japan remains at 1%. While Europe and America are dealing with the social fallout from the lockdowns, life in Japan is normal.

  10. Good people don’t do wicked things.
    People with a moral compass don’t do wicked things.
    People with wisdom and understanding don’t do wicked things.
    And if they did, once, they wouldn’t do them over and over again.
    Evil has been at play throughout this.

  11. I work in a hospital. We're drowning in 'covid stupid' and we're still running around in masks and getting our temperatures taken and management still pretends everybody's going to die.

  12. It became a left/right issue. And, sadly, for many people their politics have became a replacement for religion. Therefore it was a moral debate over good and evil, and logic and reason were thrown out the window.

  13. John would you or Mr Sumpton if you need medical attention in the future like to submit yourself to lesser medical or immunological attention for a surgical or other medical procedure? I think this channel is now not markedly different from Sky or Fox!

  14. Its ALWAYS good to be blessed with foresight AFTER the event. 2 years agothe world went mad, NOBODY (experts are listening ) had a CLUE what to do. I think that IF we had followed all these things that some BRIGHTSPARKS are NOW spouting we,d have been in desperate trouble. I think despite the know alls, and those who now know ALL the answers ( THEY think) if we HADNT done what weDID and the s– – T had hit the fan they would ALL BE SCREAMING A DIFFERENT MESSAGE. NOBODY least of all those who NEVER HAD to take HUGE RISKS and were sat VERY SAFE AND COMFY in their chairs, many non risk ,none important people, BBC and other interviewers etc,whose jobs weren"t on the line would now be SCREAMING A VERY VERY different story. Everybody did what they thought was best and we came through it, Im sure nobodys prepared to turn the clock back and try doing it again differently Its DONE MOVE on.

  15. Fauci has already admitted that lockdowns, isolation, tracing, masks etc. had nothing to do with health. They were imposed so that government could say to its people:
    'Trust us, we promise to remove restrictions … but only if you take this experimental 'vaccine'.'
    Fortunately, enough of us saw through the lies and stood firm.

  16. Had Lord Sumption and others of his calibre been listened to by Govt from the outset, The UK would have been greatly better off. He wasn't. He did help keep me, and I suspect many others sane. I have a lot of respect for him.

  17. Ain't it awful is never a real argument for anything. It is clear that lockdowns came at a huge cost. Most western countries reduced economic activity and had to go into debt to keep things going. Basic liberties were reduced. However the argument for all this as we know is if this had not been done the health systems of countries would have collapsed. So what does this guy say? he says that the hidden truth is that Covid was not that lethal. It was lethal only to certain categories in society. Young people for instance had a very low chance of mortality. Certainly true, but the point of lockdowns was that the high transmissibility of the disease made it impossible to isolate vulnerable groups and if you let it rip there would be a collapse. This guy does not address that so his argument does not rise above low level piffle

  18. The "lockdowns", so readily accepted by the gullible, fear-fueled 'citizens' of the 'free world', enforced upon the critical-thinking rest of us, rolled out under the guise of saving the vulnerable (remenber "two weeks to flatten the curve") but instead (lockdowns) have had disastrous, ongoing consequences; accepting brutally enforced "lockdowns" sets a precedent for the planned, upcoming "climate-change/global-warming/carbon-footprint" lockdowns.
    Q: What's the difference between a 'conspiracy theory' and 'truth'?
    A: Time.

  19. Economies based upon frivolous systems and habits, expensive and frequent "tourism", habitual public self-indulgence of alcohol and coffee, gourmet meals cooked by others and mass herding of shouting people at "sport" events, entire wardrobe replacement four times or more a year and other decadent uses of money deserve to be harmed and are not a great loss when compared to the death rate and chronic disability threatened by a biowarfare agent mutating constantly to more lethal and more highly infectious variants perpetuating waves of infection with deaths and damage anew with each wave.
    Covid is not over, killing more Australians since Christmas and the return of kids to school and opening of international travel than in the whole period since the virus came to the continent.
    It is no surprise that an aristocrat is opposed to limitations on personal freedom, after all they think only they are fit to control their neighbours and population and culture.

  20. Remember the Influenza epidemic which killed more people that both world wars.
    Back then, the sheeple did the same thing in the middle of the plague and had a second killing year unnecessarily. Humanity en masse has learned nothing.

  21. What is disconcerting now is this: There has not been a high level academic and international summit resulting in an agreed list of lessons of what has been learned from the most recent pandemic. What I fear is that the same sort of state and federal regimes led by fanatics repeating the same lockdowns and other errors committed during the early 2020 to early 2022 period. The harms created by these errors are omnipresent today, and yet there is not even a vague consensus on the evidence of what was learned. This coming autumn and winter: are we to repeat the nonsense again? We can't all move to Florida and similarly minded states.

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