Should We Use the Military to Quell Rioting in America’s Cities?

Taken from JRE #1485 w/Krystal and Saagar:

Written by JRE Clips


  1. Man seems like all the Republican cities seem to be doing okay because we're allowed to fucking kill people if they try to fuck with our shit and that's how it should be but the Democrats have taken all the guns and all the laws and all the reason to protect your property and they have left it to the Mob they want it that way they want the destruction cuz they want to try to say Hey look it's Trump's fault not ours

  2. its not peaceful protest Krystal , when the mobs come for you, you will be Begging for help !, from this old Vietnam vet, you need us on the front line !

  3. Know what would be interesting? Instead of talking to super elite military airborne, ranger, S.E.A.L, super troopers, maybe he should talk to the regular guy thst went to the military for college money that did 3 years and was a secretary. Everyone in the military isn't some dynamic super soldier with a ton of patriotism. It was a steady job for most. Just like we have people that went to college to be a lawyer, we got people in college with art degrees. National Guard is full of customer service reps at call centers.

  4. Krystal could've done a better job explaining her views. Her point was that putting the military in the streets won't solve the underlying problem. As long as the cops violate the social contract we'll continue to suffer breakdowns in law and order. The Left needs to do a better job condemning attacks against small businesses. These attacks wouldn't be occurring if the police were doing their job properly.

  5. Who funds the activity of Riots and who supports getting bond, And to Joe's question how do you put out a ?, burn itself out or take the oxygen out of the room, take away the physical stores in the future so there is nothing to Loot, or at least less locations to loot, Rome was sacked, countless times in history that people just Riot for the sake of the excitement, so it will be something that happens from time to time, the human storm

  6. 3:38 its fukn frightening to see innocent people gettin fukn whacked just walking down the street woman!! Elderly people just walking and getting knocked tf out or babies getting shot!! Bring in the National guard and arrest ALLLL OF THE VIOLENT MFKERS and set a precedence. Let them know You Will Go To Fukn Prison and Pay for Your crimes. YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for YOUR ACTIONS. Then after we get a grip and those gd maniacs get a Real leader to speak for them, we can actually make some headway and get something realistic achieved cuz we are NOT getting rid of law and order. The End.

  7. I like you Joe, but you supported Bernie. These are yours wrecking America. The Antifa crowd hates America, and is anti-law anti-order.

  8. You are living in a souless box, ruled by the hand of the left and threatened by their masked coronazombies. Welcome to the democratic plantation, where you are still a slave in your own mind.

  9. I mean if by now you don’t get it that these people are not going to stop especially when Trump gets elected again you are part of the problem! America needs the martial police / army, end of story

  10. Everyone is talking about the root of the problem being bad cops, yes there are bad cops, but the root of the problem is idiots committing crimes, then resisting when caught. Don't commit crimes, don't resist, simple enough.

  11. law and order is when police are acountable for there actions 7 bullets in the back you would think one would be enough.when the upholders of law are unacountable there is a problem

  12. Progression of aggression.
    Main objective is culling of chattel.
    Redirecting of critical resources.
    Protests will turn to food riots.
    Inevitable escalation.
    Wake up Israel Jesus Christ is real.