SH*T, We Thought It Was Over…

In this interview, I spoke with award-winning reporter Matt Taibbi on Biden’s recent visit to the G20, the raise of the vaccine passport again & the missile strike in Poland #biden #war #vaccinepassport
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Russell I've warned you time and again about what's going on. Are you going to the sites with real news? Watch The Highwire this afternoon and UK News tomorrow morning and get up-to-date.

  2. Hey team. I think one of the big topics you should go in on is the Law. What is law? Where does it come from? What is legalese? What is personhood and the straw man? Important questions that are quite alarming to look into.

  3. I bet they are trying to build a facial recognition database so every camera can identify any individual. By identify I mean their details. Seems the most logical step for the modern weirdo world

  4. Now in Canada they are saying that not wanting a vaccine is considered a mental illness and now people with mental illness can be euthanized. They are setting the stage for killing people that don’t follow the government rules around this.

  5. As A Victorian I am thrilled to see the rising up in China. I am also enraged by those here that say 'Stand with China People" yet were absolutely no where when it came to their own Community.

  6. We need to stop paying taxes ! Then they won’t have money to run these illegal political agendas! My Doctor asked me if I was suicidal and my response was if I was I’d get vaccinated!

  7. russel youare a great reporter..but you are depressing me ,,here in the balkans we have our land,,our animals, we like money.but we dont nead it,if things go dread we will move…anrd it will not be the first time

  8. I do not need parents at my age.. maybe we could ask them to provide us with their bank account details, and all their life plans, their health records all for show.. let’s see how they like it. No to this bs, what is it actually going to achieve. Anyone who wears a lacy dingles and dangles swim suit on the beach needs to be doubly looked at… seriously,

  9. Net zero is nothing to do with reducing CO2, it about controlling us as they will limit our movement and what we do under the guise of some fictitious climate emergency. This means we have lest than 25 years until 1984

  10. two of my absolute favorite people.

    matt was the first person i found on youtube speaking out about covid authoritarianism. i was outspoken even before '2 weeks to slow the spread'. i said there was going to be a massive authoritarian sweep and the propaganda and fear porn was gonna precede and sustain it.

    it was about then i started seeing the signs of censorship popping up. and matt kept it reserved but was able to thread the needle of informed content and vague dissent. the algorithm didnt quite catch him like most of the others.

    anyways you guys rock, keep on keeping on

  11. Don’t want none of that. I don’t know why they keep coming up with this crap because it’s going to be refused repelled and potentially destroyed. So I can just get lost and stop messing with everyone’s life

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