SH*T, You Scared Yet?

One of the “recommendations” quietly to come out of the B20 and G20 summits was the promotion of vaccine passports for future pandemic response. Whether it’s to aid partial free movement for us or two curb free movement for migrants – Digital Passports are the solution to all our problems. Thanks G20. #vaccine #pandemic #passports
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I wish that I could find the book ' The Narsistic Character and Itself" It was a college thesis that I found in a bin at Big Lots. It was stolen from me. If anyone has read it; or knows where I can buy it, I would appreciate it.

  2. Guess what? We don’t have a choice. Unless god is gonna save us – we’re done for. People can’t even agree on what is real – how you gonna get people to stand up to their oppressors if they think that these people have benevolent intentions? And if you try and tell them otherwise you’re denounced and ridiculed and if you try and show them first party information directly from the horses mouth of what they’re planning on doing – they won’t give it the time of day. WE ARE DONE FOR

  3. HIPPA legislated medical records privacy is to be ended (digital medical certificate/ID), individuals' freedom to travel is to be ended (digital medical/ID), individuals' financial privacy is to be ended (digital ID and Central Bank Digital Currency for lower classes without money in offshore tax shelters).

  4. And just to make sure you can't lose your ID we will tattoo your serial number on your arm, for your convenience and protection of course. How has nobody thought if this before? Oh, wait a minute…

  5. Nobody is scared anymore. There are three kinds of people with respect to this:
    People who are all for it, people who are blissfully unaware of it, and people who have blown right past scared into whatever lays beyond fear in their psyche.

  6. Actually the plan for a global ID has been being pushed for years. A lot of countries already have it. It is just the general population does not realize the scope of what the government is doing with the National IDs.

    For instance in the US, the REAL ID Driver's License data is given to and controlled by the State Department which shares the information with the UN Legal ID database (that and other "trivial details" are buried in the fine print on the back pages of the documents referenced under "for more information please see . . . ")

    However, there has obviously been resistance to having global IDs . . . Enter a very profitable, scary pandemic with a 95%+ survival rate. Then start using lessons learned from experiments like the Asch Conformity experiments and the Milgram experiments (Milgram proved just how very scarily easy it was to get normal, everyday, rational, moral, people to torture and kill another individual simply because they were told to by someone they perceived to have authority.)

    Phrases to look up:
    Milgram experiments

    Asch Conformity experiments

    The Sustainable Development Goals, Identity, and Privacy

    United Nations World Identity

    Your Country's National ID is really a United Nations World ID

    Perhaps some believe none of this can actually happen?
    What if I told you they have been programming children around the planet to accept the UN SDG 2030 agenda for years. (In essence creating their own global 'civilian army'. How dangerous would an 'army' of people let's say between the ages 16 to 26 be if only 10% of them embarrassed the ideology?)

    Why do you think so many of the exact same "unique" teaching programs have been showing up in countries around the planet?
    By the way, this has been going on since the early 2000's. Which is one of the reasons we now see so many new instructors / Indoctrinators heavily pushing The UN SDG 2030 ideas upon children.

    Look up the phrase:
    Global education for children to accept SDG

    One of the statements from the SDG documents several of us have been telling people about, but no one would listen (until the pandemic and parents started wondering why instructors did not want them to listen to or read class materials)

    In the document
    Education for Sustainable Development Goals Learning Objectives produced by UNESCO Education Sector

    One of the "MANY" interesting plans the UN has for children reads:

    In short, ESD enables all individuals to contribute to achieving the SDGs by equipping them with the knowledge and competencies they need, not only to understand what the SDGs are about, but to engage as informed citizens in
    bringing about the necessary transformation.
    . . .
    The learner is able to publicly demand and support the development of policies promoting free, equitable and quality education for all, ESD and related approaches as well as aiming at safe, accessible and inclusive educational facilities.
    – – –

    But what do I know.
    I am often told, I am just a tin foil hat wearing lunatic.

  7. Brilliant Russell – you were really on form when you recorded this one! You are so incredibly eloquent, quick & razor sharp in your narrative. People need to organize on a local level. That's what won the American war of Independence. People are thinking they can't fight this Megalith but we can. It's not just about spreading the truth, it's also about making a stand personally in your own local community.
    God Bless you Russell!

  8. Russell, I am a little nervous that I have come back to your channel late. I am also nervous that " some " might wish me ill will. I should have chosen differently and I really hope it's not to late. If you can help with some negative vibes I would be eternally grateful

  9. Russell, fire your PR person. Your channel has become too click baity. I only click because I used to like your videos. Now though you appear as if you only cator to gullible audience. You can do better.

  10. The question, Russel, is, what can we practically do to stop this attack on our freedom? Are there any political representatives out there that we can really trust to oppose this at the global level? I can think of the recently elected Italian PM, but I don't see any other figures out there so outspoken and willing to challenge the potent global powers

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