SHUT DOWN! Team Amber Heard False Flags and SHUTS ME DOWN!


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  1. Their are people that Truly Enjoy sling mud at other people. In AH they saw the chance to oppose good people with AH’s blessing to make it all right. Bottom line is these are the bullies from grade school that aged,but didn’t grow up. You have the support of a great many. Certainly a larger number than belong to Amber’s herd.

  2. Isn't this straight up harrassment by Barlow and causing you financial loss and distress by her directly making fraudulent claims against you and actually defaming you (with malice)?

  3. Part of me wants to say just ignore this hate campaign and it will go away…but this is becoming beyond disturbing..the other part of me feels to get your lawyer involved to stop them from hurting and manipulating good and honest youtubers like yourselves. This is becoming dangerous like what's next?? This is somewhat of "cyberbulling" Is it not?? You got this TUG..and i feel all of your subscribers are here to back you up!! Stay strong bc you got this!! ✌👊👍❤

  4. SHE is complaining about donations that someone else PLEDGES? She really doesn’t know the definition of those words, does she? Vile POS. She’s definitely the female trump. She makes me just as disgusted and frustrated.

  5. They're morons, they're all morons. If you're going to false flag someone, don't brag about it or leave evidence that you maliciously did this. Normally YouTube will never tell you who is flagging you because of anonymity, and they don't want retaliation. But when you actively go out and brag about this, you make the appeal process so much more easier to prove it is false flagging. In the worst part is, every time they do this, they're only making it look worse for Amber heard, which they are doing it for. So in a way I have to thank them for being morons. Not only do they make the appeal process so much easier for you, it only makes Amber heard's reputation even worse without her actually doing anything. What's it called, Guilty by association.

  6. I remember the video earlier that had about the same title. And it said private and thought something had actually happened. But glad to see you're still here. Amber and her crazy stupid followers are insane. At one time I figured just maybe I could be able to to talk some since if I had a chance to talk to amber. But I see their is no helping her or her followers. Could be she doesn't want help or she lives in an alternate time-line to where she truly believes Johnny did this stuff. But we all know the truth and this younger generation is brainwashed to believe no matter what all men are evil

  7. Yet another business that clearly doesn't deserve any conservative patronage.
    Time for another parallel business to come online.

    Sorry that they did this to you TUG. Keep fighting the good fight.

    I recall when Patreon closed someone down in a similar manner they were sued for "Tortious Interference"
    "When one person intentionally damages someone else's contractual or business relationships with a third party, causing economic harm".
    Patreon lost the case and had to reopen their account.

  8. You can easily build an ecommerce storefront and fulfil your orders via Printful or other print-on-demand services. That company doesn't have to be known, the domain would be yours and it's pretty easy to build one via WordPress. And I just realised you're doing that. It's so shitty they're stooping this low. I hope you gets things up and running smoothly and swiftly Tug

  9. I will totally buy your merch. My Christmas is my other favorite YouTuber vlogaftercollege and Ryan makes his own merch. So do it yourself and fly. 👍

  10. I think it's time to spread the message to all small time and big time creators and companies to not use. Mista GG came out about Manscaped and how the fuck with content creators, and how Manscaped shouldn't be trusted. And now we got T-Springs, who shouldn't be trusted, any company who falls for a bot brigade should not be used by creators.

  11. The epic clap back. Shrug, guess I'll just make mah own shit. 😂 I hope they got what ever sliver of validation they were looking for whilst broadening your horizons, lol. Power to you.

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