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Written by HighImpactFlix


  1. Its amazing to me that 17 months after "2 weeks to stop the spread" anyone would believe "lockdowns end when vaccination hits 70%"!
    There's no end to the propaganda that these perfectly programmed people will absorb.

  2. That's funny I thought jabbo rate was already over that stat!? See, the blo jiden administration is doing same thing. Telling you that you're a minority . When really, there's millions of us who refuse this insanity.

  3. Treadeau had to cancel a rally in Bolton Ontario cause people are mad of the way he is shutting down the productions,the news blamed it on ANTI-VAXERS.

  4. To make a long story Short when I was a boy my father right wrong or otherwise taught me not to get bullied and I’ll leave it there. He was not a Christian. These people are getting bullied.

  5. While the crazy police are on the street brutalizing the citizens, people should be at every policemans house terrorizing their families or burning them down

  6. Cases from a test the cdc is dumping for inaccuracy this whole time.
    Im finding more cities with more overdoses than convict1984 deaths
    and almost all have more heart disease and heart attack deaths and cancer deaths

  7. The American government said they will stop lockdowns and masks when the cattle reaches 70% “herd” immunity. It was of course a lie. Why are you believing them? They first asked you to lockdown for 2 weeks to help the hospitals. They lie and lie and lie.

  8. Guns or not, they’re about to do the same thing here in the u.s. We are witnessing millions take the mark of the beast and are about 2-3 weeks away from permanent lockdown. Guns aren’t gonna do shit against tanks and apaches. Stay close to Jesus – He is our only hope and escape.

  9. FYI what constitutes a "Covid case" is not just an infection. It's anything from simply being tested (positive or not) or a person being exposed to the virus. Pretty much any situation relating to the virus is counted as a case. It's the same with the death toll. In America the official number of deaths from the virus is highly skewed for the same reason. Almost nobody died from old age this last year. If you died in a hospital, they seemingly found it to be related to covid everytime. Thats why the numbers are so high which, in turn is why so many people are scared to death. Propaganda at it finest. If more people would turn off the news and /or use their intelligence they would not be afraid and the powers that be would have a much more difficult time oppressing the people.