Sick children in South Africa

South Africa, Official says number of children sick with COVID-19 is not cause for panic

Higher hospital admissions among children during a fourth wave

Driven by the Omicron variant

Should prompt vigilance but not panic,

as infections have been mild

Ntsakisi Maluleke, public health specialist, Gauteng province

1,511 COVID-positive patients in hospitals

113 were under 9 years old,

a greater proportion than during previous waves

We are comforted by clinicians’ reports that the children have mild disease

Health officials and scientists were investigating what was driving the increased admissions in younger ages

No paediatrics phylogenetic epidemiology yet

They would rather have a child under care for a day or two than having a child at home and complicating, … but we really need to wait for the evidence

She said many COVID-19 patients in Gauteng reporting non-specific flu-like symptoms,

like a scratchy throat,

as opposed to more easily identifiable markers like a loss of taste or smell

Parents and pregnant women, more hospital admissions recently,

to get tested in case intervention is needed further down the line.

Gauteng’s dedicated COVID-19 bed occupancy, 13%

US current surge is delta

New Jersey Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli

Delta driving the state’s uptick in hospitalizations

I encourage everyone not to be hysterical about what we don’t know about omicron,

but to be really proactive in controlling what we do know,

which is the delta variant is here,

it’s with us,

it’s causing increasing trends

Omicron so far

North America


United States

South America





Czech Republic









The Netherlands





Switzerland (suspected cases)





Reunion Island (France)

South Africa

Middle East

Saudi Arabia


Asia and the Pacific


Hong Kong




South Korea

US omicron

Ten confirmed, 5 in New York

NY and Hawaii, community transmission

California, Minnesota, Colorado


Two cases

a 66-year-old South African national, been and gone

a 46-year-old, southern city of Bengaluru, had no travel history


Unvaccinated not allowed in restaurants, cinemas and many shops

Angela Merkel, vaccinations could be mandatory by February


Compulsory vaccinations from 1st February


Bought 114 million more doses of Pfizer and Moderna

All adults offered a booster by end of January

Omicron cases + 75 = 134

Positivity 0.3% of positive cases

SA (Peter)

Biggest HIV epidemic in the world

In 2018

7.7 million people living with HIV

240,000 new HIV infections,

71,000 deaths

HIV prevalence now

20.4% of people (one in five) living with HIV

Could be double this

12.6% in Western Cape

27% in KwaZulu-Natal

the omicron variant is associated with substantial ability to evade immunity from prior infection

UK HIV, 2017

101,600 people living with HIV

People aged 15-74 years, 0.22%

US and HIV

Prevalence, 1.2 million

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Governments making vaccines mandatory is NOT the answer. There will be riots and even more distrust and hatred towards governments. It will not end well for anyone if they try to push this. Germany is Germany, we all know their history is forcing people to do things so I'll say no more about that. I just hope other European countries see more sense and think about the people rather than their control.

  2. After all the lies we get. They will use this to try to overcome our fears of jabbing the kids. No way in hellllllll will I experiment with my son's healthy future. Minority now after all other illness from the jab we will be the majority.

  3. I remember you saying that when a virus mutates, it strengthens one part of itself at the reduction of another part of it (ie. more transmissable may cause weakened ability to make more sick), but delta spread so easily and made so many sick and subsequently many people died. Could you possibly explain why this was please?

  4. Re the Mandate argument & WHS
    Australia has pretty much mandated through pre-existing Workplace Health and Safety laws introduced pre-COVID19, i.e. about 2000-2010 for employers to manage WHS risk with criminal provisions.

    Directors of Companies are exposed to criminal prosecution if they do not act in creating a safe workplace and do not mitigate predictable risk to WHS that lead to employees dying due to non-mitigated, predictable risks.

    No director of any company here would want to expose themselves to such prosecution. Given that vaccines substantial reduction in deaths and is best risk mitigator there is no option but for employers to mandate vaccine under pre-existing laws. No vaccine – No job.

    Along with fear re COVID19 after our second wave (particularly in ACT, NSW and Vic) vaccinations in Australia are strong and on track to exceed 80% nationwide and 95% by Xmas in the most affected states.

    The government has passed legislation exempting physicians and employers from litigation re use of vaccines. This also creates the environment for high vaccination shifting to less risk equation for employers (Government, Private and volunteer institions – charities) to enforce mandates.

    So for us, while we have some protests, the Mandate argument in EU, UK and US is bizarre.

  5. So, in summary, it is too early to make any valid comments about the future of Omicron other than it is going to take over and rapidly so. Any prognostication is speculative and we should maintain open minds

  6. as wuhan has proven they can create a live virus so why on earth did oxford not create omicron like virus
    a year ago. then the "Sino-American" monster would have been defeated by now..more political cowardice.

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