Sidebar with Jackson Hinkle – Viva & Barnes LIVE!

The most censored man on YouTube? Should be fun!

Written by Viva Frei


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  1. 26 min and this is going to be a painful listen…..😖
    Ok…. 35 min… maybe he's ok?
    (I think he'd be fun on Malice)
    At the end now…. natural red meat and cigars, highly toxic ❤, evolves into Sowell, "all his gfs still like him"…. Kiddo is gonna turn out just fine👍

  2. Yup, young & inexperienced Jackson is. But, has more to say then most kids his age. One thing that irked me was the shift in his attitude when he met Haz. Haz is a wealth of info, but there you see another young man. Jackson however started emulating Haz in more way than 1. Jackson needs to find himself & stop swimming with the dead fish in the stream. I don’t hold it against him, we all go through periods of learning & change & molting. But, hahaha ohh my gosh the chat was sure confused on where Jackson stood. He didn’t explain it so well. And his age was definitely showing through… Don’t be to hard on the kid his intentions aren’t horrible

  3. Marxism is Socialism. Both Communism & Fascism fall within the box of collectivist socialism, calls for top-down centralized control, high taxation by gun. Communism is top down government owned & controlled economy. Fascism is top down corporate control of economy with government passing laws accommodating corporations.
    Libertarianism is complete outside of socialism… small government, closed borders, no top down control, decentralization, supply & demand economy, no centralization or collectivism; no technocratic control.
    Jackson is a confused child. He's mislabeling himself. To see the reality of the mafia running the world now, is not called Marxism. Its called a free mind… He'll have to work on that.
    He needs to read Mises, Hayek and a lot of history of wars, causes, banking and politics.

  4. I'm not understanding his stance on Marxism. I literally agree with everything Jackson said in this video. I've never watched anything from him before. I don't think he's Marxist, unless the definition has changed so much I don't know

  5. Marxism is anti-capitalist. The instanciation of marxism is always communism or fascism. The promise of marxism is always a set of lies designed to manipulate the gullable into utter despotism. Capitalism IS freedom. What we have today in the USA is NOT capitalism. It is corporatism which is yet another system of control but rooted in the rich rather than the politically powerful.

  6. The revolts in europe are a waste because what they demand is just more marxism in the form of socialism. Most of the nations of the world are lost and the US is half lost. Welcome to the dark ages. "Bring out your dead!"

  7. Jackson Hinkle the deep state runs the government of Ucrane. has since the USSR Fell. George Soros orange Revolution was in 2005 to sent into what is more controlled. same year Pentagon openly sent Biocrap into Ucrane. BTW Borders have never been set for Urane so basically it is still Russia. hugs

  8. If Jackson Hinkle is a real Marxist, he needs to study history more because the utopia that Marxism pushes has always landed up being a dystopian nightmare. It’s the devils lie. Man is capable of great deeds but he is also selfish, and born for trouble. There will be no way utopia on earth, as some leaders will always abuse power and for $$$$. The God inspired Scriptures are right, the love of money is the root of all evil.

  9. Weird to watch Americans, who should have figured out that they themselves are a product of cold war propaganda stemming from the 60s, take apart terminology like "left", "communist", "marxist" without neither knowing their definitions nor their role in history. Might sound like a blasphemy to you guys, but the communists in 50s and 60s USSR had most values of today's American conservatives. But keep thinking that the American twisted political definitions including those particular terms are objective. That's what Americans do with most terminology in the language – twist them until they're unrecognizable or even opposite of their initial meaning, and the result is y'all arguing, while essentially rooting for the same thing. Divide and conquer – you've fallen for that one at the hands of your own elites.

  10. Jackson knows nothing about Brazilian politics. Lula is not coming back. Lula is losing the poor and the ignorant people who voted for him in the past. His nickname is Thief. Bolsonaro is beating him so badly . Bolsonaro 🇧🇷 2022!

  11. Marxism aside, don't discount Jackson over his beliefs. It's better to seek to understand them. He has very important information on other topics and cares about informing people accurately. He also doesn't push his views on others. The term Marxist means different things to different people, it's a very wide spectrum. I do agree with Viva, I've often thought it's more towards libertarianism than pure marxism.

    I had to laugh at Viva's initial reaction when Jackson said he was a Marxist. Instantly the eyebrow went up

  12. Some superchatter said communism is the only way to 'save' the country, doesn't know what he's talking about. It only works in small communities which all support the idea. It can only be accomplished on a large scale, by force and censorship. There are some aspects which can be introduced (so long as mass immigration is not a thing) but it's a dangerous game to play since so many in power would use that to corrupt the entire system for power.

  13. I'm from San Clemente too. But older! Went to all the elementary schools in town and to Marco Polo for Jr high (I was liberally brainwashed too and was lifetime lib too changed in 2016). I do like this guy and have followed him regarding UKR and RUS!

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