Sidney Watson Sidebar – FULL INTERVIEW – Viva & Barnes LIVE!

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Written by Viva Frei


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  1. I'm pretty sure that man's lying, there was a study that came out just a couple weeks ago that said it appeared that the only way to transmit monkeypox wad sexual intercourse. Skin to skin contact was not how it was transmitted. Because when this study came out it became a pretty big question of how did children contract monkeypox if it was not skin to skin contact. Because what the study was suggesting would lead someone to believe that sexual abuse was happening to children.

  2. I really appreciate Viva bringing up live chats. "Trolls be trollin" is really all you need to know about that, when it comes to jokes. Also, I like Sydney a lot. I've seen her speak elsewhere a few times, and for someone so young, she speaks a lot of sense. Glad you brought her on, Viva.

  3. @59:00~ The queen was brought in to fire the Labor PM of Australia in about 1975 – Gough Whitlam, if I did not just slaughter his name. This episode is also what made Rupert Murdock. He was a struggling publisher, but started a smear campaign against Whitlam, at the behest of the CIA. The real issue that unseated Whitlam, was his opposition to having the CIA Station in Alice Springs. All the rest was CIA bullsht and gave us all the gift of the Rupert Slime Empire.

  4. Have you been stopping me from commenting ? I posted a link of the "Uniformed Consent" vid. In this vid, the bastard premier of the NT is featured doing his thing. My God, EVERYONE on the planet needs to see this.

  5. @Viva Frei have you ever thought about having your daughter have a conversation with some of your female guests? I would think maybe talking to someone like Lauren Southern or even Sydney may have a positive effect on her.

  6. Sydney just needs to get over being in a metropolitan area. I could be misjudging her values, but she seems like the type that would have a spiritual awakening (for lack of a less gay term) being closer to nature.

  7. Viva, Utah has beautiful mountains, snow, steams, rivers, lakes, deserts, forests, fishing, boating, skiing, boarding, biking, 4wheeling and on and on and on…. And it’s closer to Barnes. 😉

  8. Because they are trying to scare and control us . I wouldn't trust any of them to spit on me to put out a fire after all the BS crap w/covid and all the lies. Nor would I after the knowledge they mis represented and the flat out death they caused on purpose.

  9. Sorry Robert…in addition to being as unConstitutional as possible…the Bar association is absolutely a british organization.

    Also you might want to actually spend five minutes listening to Nick Fuentes…you have absolutely zero idea what he stands for. Not a big fan in general…but I insist on forming an honest opinion of people instead of just believing whatever some asshole leftist tells me to believe…and I haven't found a single example of his saying or doing anything misogynistic. Haven't done my homework on Tate but the few videos I have watched show the same.

  10. Funny that right after Barnes talked about foreigners being obsessed with saftey over freedom, Sydney and Viva start talking about what areas of the US are safe enough to move to or not.

  11. I like how Robert barnes trashes on fake "alpha males" , but doesn't dare lump in pornographer shape shifter jack murphy into that category but brings up someone like nick feuntes who's never ever assumed the role of some giga alpha chad….

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