Signs That Justin Trudeau’s Tactics Are Backfiring | Maxime Bernier | INTERNATIONAL | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada about Justin Trudeau’s abuse of the Emergencies Act, and the success of the freedom convoy. First, Maxime describes how the various provinces have been starting to roll back vaccine mandates in response to the Canadian truckers convoy. He also explains how Justin Trudeau continues to isolate himself from the premiers of other Canadian provinces who have not supported his use of the Emergencies Act to deal with vaccine mandate protests. Maxime explains how Trudeau’s power grab is helping to grow support for the People’s Party of Canada as an alternative to the dominant parties in Canadian politics. Maxime also describes how some of the extreme measures used by Justin Trudeau, like freezing people’s bank accounts for supporting the truckers, are more expected in a communist dictatorship than in Canada.

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Leader, People’s Party of Canada
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  2. So now we see what a very multi-party political system can do for an entire country. If less than 30 percent of the electorate votes for someone else than the political boob that ends up holding the power… that can be pretty scary stuff. Of course that's if the election was accurate and honest in the first place.

    And we all thought one or two party systems were bad enough already.

  3. end game is klaus schwabs great reset..liedeau has with other politicians around the world very likely have been promised high profitable positions in's all about the great reset.

  4. Soro is trudeau & the liberal party’s leader. We are being pushed into the great reset. “None of us will own anything & we will be happy”
    I’ve been a PPC member since the party started. Wish everyone that voted for communist trudeau would of voted for Max.

  5. The government and MSM induced fear of the virus and the vilification of the unvaccinated is what is dividing colleagues, friends and family. The minute you implement policies forcing, coercing or shaming people to get take an injection they don't trust or want, you started creating division. Trudeau is guilty of all of that. Any other leader would have spoken to the Freedom Convoy at the very least. He is such a coward and I am embarrassed to call him my Prime Minister.

  6. What bothered me the MOST of that short video clip was not the loud, masked, immature girls screaming at the old, feeble woman. That was a horrible thing to watch. But the big, husky man standing there ignoring the plight of the old woman while he took pictures of her distress that raised my hackles! He could have so easily stood by the old woman and said, "Here, sweetheart. I'll help you through this," as he just pushed right past those deranged children. HIS behavior is what absolutely nauseates me!!!

  7. This is a horrible day for Canada. Of course, looking to the bright side, Nunavut will benefit from the federal dollars spent to build gulags for peace-loving Canadians who just happen to disagree with Trudeau. BTW, Freeland is a director on the board of the World Economic Forum. That's right. She's a Klaus Schwab acolyte. Just remember this, "you will own nothing and be happy", or else.

  8. Trudeau is doing everything that the Left said Trump WOULD do in 2020! LOL! But then again, he's just following The Left's motto of "do what you accuse your enemy of doing"!

  9. Trudeau's move is so shameful, he's the real criminal, not the truckers. Because of him I'm ashamed of being Canadian, but Maxime Bernier makes me proud to be a Québécois. Lâche pas Maxime, on a besoin de toi!

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