Silencing Nord Stream w/Dr. Wilmer Leon (Live)

Silencing Nord Stream w/Dr. Wilmer Leon (Live)
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  1. @01:06:32 Sorry but that is absolutely false. The divided states has aptly demonstrated in 2018, 2020 and 2022 3 EL-ections that they are fully capable of "tweaking" the outcome the way it suits their agenda. Will of the people is inconsequential.

  2. I love the Duran – but Wilmer Leon is a pathetic fool – he despises the white man and his success – it occupies every thought he has ever had – what came from the continent of Africa ? Penicillin ?self-governance ? electricity ? – nothing and he’s ashamed and he looks at major black cities and becomes more ashamed.

  3. Patrick Lancaster’s video on September 25th “International Observers Show At Ukraine Referendums To Join Russia” shows an international observer from Germany for Donbas referendums. Few days after: Nordstreams gone.

  4. Journalists have become stenographers for the government such is the infiltration of the CIA et al into their newsrooms. Waiting diligently for their propaganda instructions before typing anything.
    They have been trained to look up Google only and toe the party line. No ethics. Brains optional.
    Seymour seems to be the last real journalist left. So very sad. His profession is sorely needed these days to counter the creeping 1984 censorship.

  5. The Duran.. interview Seymour Hersh NOW!!!!
    His excellent investigative journalistic piece needs as much publicity as possible to get maximum pressure on the west possible. This could stop WW3 escalation alone. It will at least wake the EU countries and NATO up to the snake in the room.. the US.
    You guys have an enormous reach, FAR beyond the 335k it says subscribe to you.

  6. Great interview but u disagree on two of his points. First he seemed to be an advocate of 5G. Don't get me started on that. But more importantly how he seems to present Lyin Ted in a positive light considering I guarantee that neo con loved that Nordstream was blown up.

  7. Re: The media during Watergate verse the media now. The mainstream media did the bidding of the powers that be back in Watergate days just not to the degree we see today. Watergate was a CIA coup to overthrow Nixon who strayed too far from the official agenda and the media was enlisted to help remove him. Today, it is no different. The media remained silent on the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Obama admin and while Hillary committed treason with her email servers because the powers-that-be instructed them to look the other way. Hunter's laptop and Joe's shady dealings with Ukraine got coverage in indy media but crickets in the mainstream press until recently when the Dems decided to Biden had to be removed from the 2024 ticket. Now, we see critical coverage of Joe and even mention of Hunter's laptop – not because the media "just" found out about these stories, but because their puppetmasters instructed them to do so in order to get rid of Biden who has become a liability. Re: Superchat commenter who said we are living in a post-truth world: Dr. Leon disagreed; said fact The Duran is talking about issues is proof the commenter is wrong. No, Dr. Leon is wrong. The mainstream media is the post-truth world and it is still the news source where most people get their information. Indy media like The Duran are constantly having to parse their words on social media platforms or risk being suspended or banned. The Duran hosts and their guests are rarely (if ever) guests on mainstream platforms. If this wasn't a post-truth world, The Duran hosts and other indy media would be mainstays on mainstream media platforms.

  8. The media won't talk about this because they were complicit in what happened. Almost as soon as the pipeline blew up, they were saying the Russians did it, despite Russia having no rational motive for doing so. No serious investigative institution would come to this conclusion without a substantive investigation into the incident. It was pure propaganda. The media was covering up a blatantly illegal act (both domestically and internationally) in support of a sitting government with no respect for the constitutional rule of law or international standards of conduct. This is Watergate x100.

  9. As a Filipino, I was neither against or supported Marcos Jr. during the election and until now. However Jr is making a lot of things that will put us in the crosshair if war breaks out, hopefully if he can't choose then remain neutral. There's a talk of having the Yankees base back which most of us now are against, but we do not know the pressure Jr. is in now. If he allow that then I think time will tell if he'll finish his term. Most of are waiting excitedly for the VP the daughter of former President Duterte. Also Jr. is showing the signs of wanting the title and not the job.

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