Silent Majority #26: DOJ Cracking Down, Comey To Testify, NBA Ratings Tank Further

Another wonderful clean episode of A.N.A.S. (Approved News from Authoritative Sources) hosted by The Soft Gentleman.

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Written by Hard Bastard

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  1. NO, ITS NOT TOO MUCH….these bastards are getting away with literal MURDER, ARSON, and DESTROYING AMERICAN BUSINESSES and therefore American LIVES….they need to be punished accordingly!


    NO amount of cheating by mail in ballots will be enough to counter our show of support and VOTING IN PERSON for our Greatest president in History~

  2. So nobody in the entire Steelers organization had a phone in their pocket? None bothered to search for that persons name and find out he was a criminal (as always) and that he was pulled over as a suspect in a drive-by shooting? Not one Steeler was taking a shit and decided to google that name? Not buying it.

  3. I'm near Cincinnati OH and in one of our fairly well-off neighborhoods (mostly white from what I can tell) I am not seeing many Biden or Trump signs, but up and down the street there are houses with BLM signs and some houses with support the blue signs. It's funny, because it gives the appearance of neighbor VS neighbor. Overall there are more pro-cop signs though.

    The city itself will go for Biden, no question. The Cincinnati government is heavily Democrat controlled and pro-BLM (they even painted the street here…). The surrounding areas and rural areas will probably go Trump. The problem with OH is, we have three large cities that are mostly Democrat controlled. It's enough to swing the vote for Biden possibly. Trump winning here is basically dependent on how the black vote goes in those big cities. Hopefully enough of them will flip for Trump.

    Either way, I'm getting out of Cincinnati. The shootings here are nearly as bad as Chicago now when compared to our population size. Going downtown is basically asking for trouble. The local government is also Antifa/BLM friendly and let out of jail most of our looters a few months ago. The local government is also pro-defund the police, but luckily defunding them didn't make it to the ballot this year.

    The city has had very bad race riots in the past and there are tense racial issues still to this day. Basically, it's a tender box waiting to go off. The police are even getting ready to defend the city against riots if the "Saint" Breonna Taylor decision is to NOT charge the officers with murder. We are very close Louisville KY, so when they have a race event we tend to have a similar reaction.

    After the George Floyd event Cincinnati had small riots and some small scale looting for several days. The murder and shooting rates have also really spiked, so I can't imagine how people will react to the Breonna decision. If the officers are not charged then I suspect Louisville will burn and probably Cincinnati too. Both are strongly held Democrat cities. But hey, that's racial justice, right?

  4. I live in the most blue county in Ohio. In the posh neighbourhoods in the suburb next to mine you can see mansions from the Rockefeller era all having Biden-Harris signs. However in the largely Italian neighbourhoods there is many Trump signs, and even in my own I can see a few although it is still mostly Biden. In 2016 I hardly saw any.