Silent Majority #33 VP Debate Fallout, Trump Plays Nancy, More Peaceful Protests

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Written by Hard Bastard

Social justice and free speech advocate. I promise to always keep it real with my audience and offer commentary as balanced and reasonable as possible. I realize many people claim that but I will not censor the people and will keep my channel focused on their input. If you like what I do and want to help me continue


  1. Trump cannot escape being portrayed as a madman. In the first debate, all that was required of Biden was to prove he can speak clearly. That's how low the bar was set. So, all Trump had to do was be exactly what people expected from a madman and Joe, who would inevitably push back, would forge that new perception for simply engaging him. When it was all over, the persona of Trump didn't change one bit but the branding of dementia Joe became reality verified by the memes of 2 old men fighting. Masterful work on Trump's part, as people were left with the VP debate which was a certain platform victory. For those still oblivious, Trump is The Boss while Pence is The Cleaner.

  2. A couple of days ago, i was with my family in the car and we passed by a street corner that had a group of latinos for Trump just doing some general Trump promotion. Naturally my mother, who fully buys into the msm narrative, courtesy of Telemundo, let her disapproval be known.
    My family is latino, with my mom and dad both from Mexico, and my siblings and I being born and raised here in America.
    My family doesn't talk politics besides some occasional, brief anti trump words from my mom whenever she sees anything about him. I think my two sisters probably lean left. One might be full lefty. My mom and dad both eat up mainstream news on tv, so I think you know where they stand. That just leaves my two dogs and cat, who are obviously based.
    I'm in Yuma, Arizona. Around here, it seems to lean right. People can show support for Trump and not have to worry about unhinged lefties. I see several houses flying Trump flags and lawns with Trump 2020 signs. Even trucks fly Trump flags around here all the time.
    When it comes to democrat support, besides the occasional street corner demonstrations against Trump, I mostly see it in the form of car stickers. i don't think I've ever seen a house with a Biden sign.
    Recently, I saw a car that had written on the back window: "No sean pendejos. Voten". In english it reads "Don't be stupid. Vote". Right under the words were two Biden stickers. Funny sh*t.

  3. Cummalota was shown to be the arrogant condescending self righteous witch she is. She was intolerable I could bearably get through it.

  4. HB i think your rite about dems fighting in court for votes to count ….Im Australian Born and raised , never left the country…….. But democrats would fight for my vote to count if i was stupid enough to vote Biden

  5. Nancy is like Biden a walking corpse he brain was turned to plastic years ago with all her "procedures" add years of gallons of gin this is the result

  6. Jesus christ facebook just banned from posting like I do here that youtube allows. Youtube may delete a few here and there that's ok they don't ban me. But scumbag facebook blocked me for 30 days hell with that idiot forum I went 4 years without posting there now I know why

  7. It’s the swing states that were close in 2016 to watch. I’m in a blue state and I see dems are so proud of how many new dems from college are registered dem now, but it’s the same number of electoral votes so they can get a million more registered dems in this state and it won’t matter at all

  8. @HB She looks like the joker when she smiles because of that face lift! I remember the awesome memes the day after her surgery.

    I'm also registered as a Dem, but not voting for any of them this time around. I'm voting straight Republican this year.

    I'm going to TN next week for a wedding. I'll keep an eye out for signs on my road trip.

  9. No shame in enjoying the occasional Alex Jones rant, I also love to watch him get all sweaty and make insane animal noises while he yells about lizard people 🙂 He is crazy…. but if done tastefully (like Christmas lights and nudity in art) crazy can be fun ?

  10. I think you're kidding yourself if you think Trump has any real chance. Obviously your viewers are going to tell you about seeing all these Trump signs and very few Biden signs, but even if that's true I doubt it means what you want it to mean, it's just confirmation bias. I think Trump has the more passionate supporters, but I don't believe he has enough support to win next month. Outside the Trump bubble on social media he is hated so much and I just don't see any way that's going to change, it wouldn't surprise me if all the swing states that went Republican in 2016 turned blue this time): I really hope i'm wrong because I would much prefer another 4 years of Trump, even though I don't like him, over sleepy Joe and the wicked witch, but I don't think I am. I understand the polls might be wrong, but I very much doubt they are going to be that wrong.

  11. The presidential election fruad is a smoke screen they are going to steal the down ticket seats where they can find a bucket of votes and actually change the election

  12. Regarding alternate streaming sites, a great one to check out is It's based in the US, pro free speech, offers free live streaming in 720p, free re-streaming and video serving. Best of all there's no censorship in chat and you can post images (memes) in the chat. I use it and it's been great.