Silent Majority #54: Lawsuits, Resolutions, & Censorship

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Written by Hard Bastard

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  1. If the Dems aren't fleeing the country at this point, and not fighting back legally, is the Supreme Court compromised? Makes me think of Sherlock where Moriarty didn't defend himself and still won in court. Hollywood yes, but the concept is possible. 2020 has been quite a show.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if we got a Special Prosecutor to crawl inside Biden for about 2 1/2 years. I know it will never happen but if we had a real Party they would. I guess that’s why we get shit on all the time. We really don’t have a Party.

  3. Here's the problem. Activist judges not obeying the law. While conceding that state law and the aforementioned state Supreme Court decision means that the “directive [to securely seal the ballot secrecy envelope] is mandatory such that an elector’s non compliance results in a ballot that is not valid,” the court decided against a “strict interpretation” of the law for the current election because of the uncertainty that accompanied Pennsylvania’s first real foray into universal mail-in voting.

  4. Bullshit on typos throwing out a case. That never happens. At most a court will tell you to do it over again if it's really bad but I find that difficult to believe ever actually occurring.

    And yea I think Trump is trying to force House delegations. He may win in court eventually, but Time is against that being likely before the deadlines written into the constitution come in.

    I think it's more likely they will make the case that the evidence is too overwhelming to ignore even if it has not been ironed out in court yet.

    The problem here though is that given the wider situation with the media and Biden already pretending that he President-elect, is that it is incredibly likely that you have a "Two Presidents" scenario emerge in the immediate wake of such a decision.

  5. It was Kent Hovind who had the dinosaur museum and it was in Pensacola, FL. He did a ton of debates that are still online. He ended up getting busted for tax evasion because he didn't file the proper 501C(?) paperwork. He kept the church money in a safe and paid the employees of the dinosaur museum in cash. They put him in prison and kept him in prison for 10 years. They even put his wife in prison which led to their divorce.

    On the other side of things, there were two really big names on the atheism/anti-christian team. Lawrence Krauss and Daniel Dennett. Both of whom are professors at universities. Lawrence Krauss of Harvard and Daniel Dennett of Tufts University respectively. Both of them also ended up on Jeffrey Epstien's island for some reason. Lawrence Krauss even defended Epstein after he was arrested for being a pedo the first time around.

  6. The United States government has declared a 4th Generation type warfare against the American people for supporting a populist like Trump. The depression and loneliness Trump supporters are feeling is by design by media and lock downs.

  7. lmfao I have the same view on Harris and Maher. And I was a fan of both. But it was short lived (thank Zeus ?)

    Tulsi endorsed Biden??? Holy fuck! That was the only Democrat I could choke down!

  8. I would love to see DNC challenge a result in a state!! And if Trump does over turn it and gets the votes, love serif Biden concedes or does he fight?
    The media and DNC, do has I say not as I do!

  9. Even if this all fails! The way social media has behaved is eye opening! How can they block access to court papers filed by Sydney!! This is ridiculous!
    230 should be done away with!
    If you are Christian Israel has to be a factor! The birth place of Jesus surrounded by enemies on all sides.
    Yes a balance between secular and religious discipline, is a good thing.

  10. My whole family and I did as we've done for many years, we all came together and celebrated Thanksgiving together. That's what the day is all about for our family. We all feel, If walmart and the ABC store can safely open and as long as people can still have abortions then it's safe enough to have a day with family to let each other know how thankful we feel to have one another in our lives. When we've had deadly outbreaks in this country before, they never took our rights away like they're doing now. They don't care about our health, they only care about getting back into power and they're scaring everyone to make them go along with accepting this sham of an election. Mail in ballots were needed to cheat and they're bringing in their long planned and talked about agenda's. Everyone should research agenda 21, also known as agenda 2030, because that's the democratic party's plans for us all and if they're allowed to get away with the stealing of the election, that's what will indeed happen. The media doesn't report the truth, because they're nothing more than a mouthpiece for the democratic party and they'll lie and make-up stuff about our President and about the voter fraud that took place. Please remember if the Democrats are allowed to cheat and get into power, we'll lose our freedoms FOREVER. We all need to show them we love and support our wonderful President who's fighting for us and has been for the last 4 years. Have a great day everyone.

  11. I'm not a religious man myself, but I do wonder.
    In regards to the big bang theory. Where did the fuel/energy come from. Am I expected to believe that this universe creating massive explosion happened without a fuel source. Seems like just as big of a stretch as (maybe bigger) God made it all.
    Explosions require a fuel source had to come from somewhere

  12. I don't trust the 230 removal has an effect on anti censorship.
    I do not understand how making websites responsible for the content published on them will make them stop censoring, if I was suddenly responsible for all the content on my website it would make me more willing to censor.

    All I see with this 230 being removed is "fake news" becoming something you can sue a website for, something Trump and the Democrats will both like for their own reasons, and small websites getting shafted due to not having legal funds.
    I find it incredibly frightening that Trump and all the people who say how great 230 being removed will be without actually explaining how it will stop censorship.
    No, being able to sue website for what is posted on them is not stopping censorship, no, companies being made yo fear what is put on their sites legally is not going to stop censorship.
    So what is going to stop the censorship?