Silent Majority #55: Hearings, CNN Leaks & Viewer Comments

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Written by Hard Bastard

Social justice and free speech advocate. I promise to always keep it real with my audience and offer commentary as balanced and reasonable as possible. I realize many people claim that but I will not censor the people and will keep my channel focused on their input. If you like what I do and want to help me continue


  1. I heard that the dark matter has a repulsive energy something like a counter to the gravity of the mass of the compaction material, so once the universe compacts enough that the outward pressure becomes too much, it explodes

  2. Order emerging from Chaos is the religion of satanists, communists and joggers. Show me one example of order emerging out of chaos and I will show you where you are wrong. Fight me on the internet, breh.

  3. Speaking of the CDC, why the hell isn’t the main stream media reporting that the vaccine is already beginning to be distributed by American Airlines and ready to go at the end on this week? I’m in San Diego and our local news covered it (which is a right leaning family owned station) but you’d think MSM would WANT people to know!

  4. My aunt posted on Facebook that she had a nice socially distanced thanksgiving at my cousins house. Thing is that my cousin has a small cape style house and there were eleven family members there. She’s a huge leftist. What a liar ? I asked my other aunt how they did that and she said they didn’t at all and has no idea what her sister was talking about ?

  5. HB… A good eight weeks ago or so you said there would be cheating going on in this election and it would be very rough on the President…That happened.
    Then you said the media would run with their story and The fight would be thru the lower courts…That happened.
    You then said if a case would get to the Supreme Court they will side with him.
    You gotta shot…

  6. I hear you, but have you ever asked Jesus to do something for you? For example, I started to build my faith out of frustration. I was working on my motorcycle and when I dropped a tiny screw and asked Jesus to help me find it. This was after wasting a good hour scouring the floor looking for this fucking screw. The moment I asked Jesus to help me, it was exactly where I was looking. I tested this hundreds of times and it always worked. After years of ramping up my requests, I asked that my father who was doomed to die from stage 4 cancer to be miraculously healed. He went to his doctor's appointment and the doctor was speachless because he had absolutely NO cancer in his body. They did several tests to confirm that. He's alive 8 years later with NO cancer. I can give many more examples where God changed the reality narrative, it still makes my head spin. By the way I have absolutely no affiliation with any religious organizations. I dropped out of Catholicism back in the earliest priest rape scandals.
    Just food for thought Hard Bastard.

  7. Look up about Project Blue Beam. It's the one part of the "conspiracy theory" that actually classify as such, because it hasn't happened… yet. But the gist of this project is to make peoples of the world believe that a space alien visit coincides with the return of all major religious figures, each zone seeing the predominant one for that region, in a bid to "unify" all these religious figures, and thus the religions behind them, all into one merged new "deity" (which in reality will be a representation of Satan). It is theorized that they would try to achieve that with giant holograms in the sky and loud messages spoken out from these images… Then, just imagine the MSM and political figures kicking in and telling us to worship our new "saviors" and "Gods". It's the one think I'm still waiting to see if they'll try to pull it off, but since you just mentionned that your treshold of proof for aliens or God would be that you need to see video evidence of an actual visit, I just wanted to let you know that there is apparently this project in the works that aims at trying to provide just that, as part of the major mega-psy-op that 2020 has been so far. So, just in case CNN tells you that Jesus just arrived from his spaceship and has an exclusive interview with him inside his vessel, just remember that it'll still be CNN, Most Trusted Name in Fake News.