Silent Majority #61: Nessel Refuses To Testify, Jan 6th Showdown, Viewer Comments

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Written by Hard Bastard

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  1. Responding to President Trump wishing attendees at a Georgia rally a “Merry Christmas” and reminding them he had stated years ago that Americans would again use the phrase proudly despite those who would “try to take that word out of the vocabulary,” Michigan Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel issued a tweet (later deleted) in which she claimed her son had been “devastated” when an employee at a store wished them a “Merry Christmas.”

  2. Now that we've gone back to calling them colored people & making them the focus of government medical experimentation, they should trust us now because it's going to be a DEMOCRAT rolling out most of these vaccines that were only DEVELOPED under the regime of Cheeto HitIer and by the same Big Pharma that made the rest of our healthcare system unaffordable.

    Being a conspiracy theorist in this, the current year of our science is most rama rama.

    You don't want to be rama rama, do you?

  3. Fauci told everyone to cancel Christmas. He can keep his very commie Christmas for all I care my family isn't canceling! Wishing you merry christmas HB! ?

  4. If the steal goes through Trump's greatest gift to us will have been him exposing the rot. He's torn up the roots and shown us just how decayed, corrupt, and broken the system truly is. The sad part is he may not get a chance to do anything about it. The real shame isn't what Biden will do, it's what Trump may not get to do.

  5. Bobcat Goldwaite that is a good one that she/he is a seriously bad drag queen . Girl needs a drag mother I know a very good one in portland she is a legend

  6. At the end, this whole ordeal that has been going on will be the biggest spotlight on the swamp we've had. Showing judges, senators, governors, many in the GOP, AG, inteligencia and even SCOTUS are all compromised and a clean house is necessary as the stains in the U.S. political sphere are out in the open.

    If Trump had an ace up his sleeve all this time but held onto it just to expose all weak and two faced people within the GOP and elsewhere (wishful thinking but an amazing twist you'd see in a book or movie) that would be the definition of 4d chess

  7. The Libertarians have been reduced to Lefties in sheep skins and the absolute fringe who are just being wacky for the sake of wacky. I have some strong libertarian leanings and it sucks. Less government in our lives, the better. Period.

  8. The 2020 election records were wiped but the 2016 & 2018 election records were there. No 'evidence'.

    Nothing to see here. . . go back to sleep. . . stop, don't look in there. . . RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  9. If Flynn wanted to he could easily be Trump's replacement… he speaks in a very populist charismatic ma net, he definitely has every ounce of support hat Trump does, and he's possibly the only person who has been through as much ʙᴜʟʟsʜɪᴛ as trump and refused to back down.