SIMULCAST: Julian Assange: Can Exposure Bring Justice?

Join Fidel Narváez, former Consul at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London & John Kiriakou, U.S. torture program whistleblower and former CIA chief of counter-terrorism in Pakistan.

Narváez and Kiriakou will use their intimate knowledge of Assange and the Espionage Court to discuss how media blackouts and misinformation have affected the public’s perception of Assange and his trial. Unbeknownst to most Americans, the US case imploded when convicted pedophile, Siggi Thordarson, recanted testimony suborned by the FBI with the promise of immunity. Despite Amnesty International’s call for his release, Assange remains in prison as the U.S. appeals. According to Assange’s fiancée, “the process” has become the punishment.

Assange published evidence of U.S. and allies’ war crimes. The news blackouts suggest that exposure of the truth might return this publisher to his family and rescue press freedom.

Host: Ann Batiza
Sponsored by the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee

Written by Consortium News


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