SJWs Bully Bari Weiss to Resign from the New York Times

Communist radicals at the New York Times, taking direction from Twitter, have bullied centrist opinion columnist Bari Weiss to resign.

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  1. The NYT is owned by the 5th richest man on the planet, Carlos Slim. Until recently he was the richest man on the planet. Slim, Bezos etc all enthusiastically push woke identity politics. Blm Inc. Is sponsored by the tens of millions by large corporations. All to push racially divisive narratives while they hoard unbelievable wealth. These journos aren't communists. They're just puppets of the wealthiest oligarchs on the planet.
    George carlin once described woke culture as fascism posing as manners. That's what this is. Unbridled capitalism playing divide and conquer. They're just corporate shills. Nothing more.

  2. The New York Times is a privately held company, run by ONE FAMILY (Sulzbergers) and the position of chief owner and dictator is HEREDITARY and passes from father to son!!!! just like a monarchy! how is that democratic? how is that a "free press"?

  3. Sargon, Bari Weiss doesn't name names, because she is terrified of repercussions that could ruin her future career, or even ensure she can't publish books or get speaking engagements. SJWs specialize in "revenge".

  4. Pro tip NYT: When the media goes out of its way to make it clear that anyone who doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to be president is a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, nazi deplorable they’re probably not going to honestly tell you who they’re planning on voting for when you poll them.

  5. Bari Weiss isn't naming names because she has a life to lose. You do not accuse the Wackos of anything, because they control the media and WILL use it to MURDER YOU. And they will get away with it, because death by society is the easiest (if somewhat slow) and successful method of murder.

  6. Barri is trash, she tried to cancel her professors over supporting Palestinian rights and branded them anti semites while aggressively trying to get rid of their jobs.

    She is the toxic sjw. This is retribution.

  7. How can Sargon go 15mins talking about Weiss, call her a centrist, and avoid talking about her being a Zionist?

    Trying to avoid censorship by the ADL?

  8. “Not all Americans are on Twitter”
    as someone who never made a Twitter account, it has been such a bizarre experience to see MSM news networks using tweets in their news reporting for the past ten years or so. I always think “who is this person and why should I care?”