SJWs Screech For Trans Kids

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  1. I wish being overweight made a person silent. Like the first place fat built up was on the voice box. Instead it seems to be the opposite effect. So not only are fat people revolting to look at, they are also revolting to listen too.

  2. Why do all child abusing parent who name their "trans" children something after a children's show. Honestly, please prove me wrong, Luna does not sound like a normal name to give a kid, whether they are female or not. It is a name that you would give a dog or a name you would give out of a creepy addiction to My Little Pony~

  3. Fun fact YouTube now censors the truth deletes your comments shadowbans them and if that doesn't work then they make you "an unknown error occurred" and then they delete your account that's what YouTube is now. There a joke go to Rumble and let YouTube cRumble.

  4. If you are ever doing a presentation that might be protested by radical leftist, then be sure to prepare a backup presentation that goes over the history of the brown and black shirts in Germany

  5. I was happy when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage and thought everyone who said this was the start of straight up degeneracy were conspiracy loons.

    And now, just look at the state of things.

  6. I love the aggressive body language they sometimes have. Like getting up on the table with your arms wide as if inviting a person to punch you. It always fails, the people they are trying to intimidate always seem to fail to notice. And so a few seconds after they made their grand gesture of supposed intimidation, they turn around like the awkward turd they are, and proceed to careful step off the table again, because you do want to make sure you are safe and dont fall….. It's all an act, they are not really angry, they are just putting on a show because they think that is expected of them.

    It's all the talk and behavior just before a prison fight, but without the fight actually ever happening because deep down inside they would cry and the first drop of blood….

  7. I've noticed that the SJW's always send their most attractive members to events such as these.
    Wait till they evolve beyond the primal scream and discover "POO FLINGING".
    The monkeys managed it, why can't they ?

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