Skyrocketing Debt and Inflated Energy Prices Threaten to Break the System: Luke Gromen

Luke Gromen from Forest For The Trees presents his macro view on the current state of global energy markets and the financial system. Luke warns that if something doesn’t change in the way the world is operated, the system could crash into the ground at 4,000 miles per hour.

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 European Energy Crisis
07:41 Russia Accepting Gold for Oil
16:44 What Can the U.S. Do?
19:38 Russian VS Western Politics
22:10 Portfolio Positioning
26:57 Is Now the Time to Hold Gold?
30:38 Physical VS Paper Gold
34:56 Other Safe Haven Assets
37:27 What Commodities Could Back a Currency?
40:41 Central Bank Digital Currencies
43:29 CBDC Implementation

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  1. they will destroy more small businesses, all the big supermarkets have been massively expanding.
    They will then hand out more money to make us reliant on the government.
    Stakeholder capitalism takes another giant leap forward

  2. Us Europeans who haven't had the clot shot still aren't welcome in the US the land of the free huh.
    Northern European are better off heading to deep South of Europe which is as far South as Central and Southern California and the Mediterranean Sea is warmer than anywhere on the Californian Pacific ocean. The Spanish canary Islands are as far South as Florida.

  3. Lets not repeat historical mistakes: Instituted in the hope of avoiding war, appeasement was the name given to Britain’s policy in the 1930s of allowing Hitler to expand German territory unchecked. Most closely associated with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, it is now widely discredited as a policy of weakness. Yet at the time, it was a popular and seemingly pragmatic policy.

    Hitler’s expansionist aims became clear in 1936 when his forces entered the Rhineland. Two years later, in March 1938, he annexed Austria. At the Munich Conference that September, Neville Chamberlain seemed to have averted war by agreeing that Germany could occupy the Sudetenland, the German-speaking part of Czechoslovakia – this became known as the Munich Agreement.

  4. No matter what happens the motherland will win as it always has !!! History is repeating here. This guy is an idiot for calling bitgarbage digital GOLD. There’s no limit to bitgarbage any one can make there own bit coin what the hell is this nonsense about bit garbage

  5. After The Rapture Swan Event
    masters of the money universe
    will be gasping for air & wetting their pants !!

    All Repentant ESCAPE in The Rapture !!!!!

  6. If Putin is affiliated to WEF (pics, tweets from Wittgenstein ie backtolife_2024 suggests) duz that not suggest that Russia, WEF and USA are actually all on the same side: that the decades' old decisions by Germany et al to syphon their NRG from Russia instead of the Mid-East or elsewhere, was all pre meditated?

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