Slavery Has Returned to Africa

It’s not our responsibility to end it this time, is it?

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  1. nice now this created a war between black and white people , black people were mistreated and still are , but still abuse this thing and act like the victims most of the time and now white people are suddenly raising and say they are the victims , they are so good , they abolished slavery and so on , they are like the true messiah , messiah race we will call them , and now messiah race isn't willing to help the black race anymore cause they are mad for being called racist , cause they are not [ ofc they are not ]

  2. Historical slave trade? Meanwhile I'm thinking of all the slaves from all others races throughout time, slavery is as old as humankind. Before we took slaves from other countries, countries themselfs would enslave their own people. It's not a new practice. The whole practice that you have to apologize for something someone else did, is completely beyond me.

  3. despite africa being the size of usa, india, china, NZ, japan, and all of europe minus russia combined, these idiots still speak of it as if it is one place
    can you believe this my fellow african dudes lolzz

  4. Slavery was only possible because Africa made it possible.
    The African people share just as much blame for slavery as America; you can hate that fact, you can decry it, but you can't refute it.

  5. "Nice video, you seem to have knowledge about what you're talking about, you use logic and reason to make your argument, and it looks like you have an unbiased opinion. However, you're white so you're automatically racist, and everything you said is just the word of white supremacy."
    — Society in 2020

  6. "decolonization"

    As if african third world countries were ever independent.

    If its not direct french colonialism, its some sort of monetary enslavement.

  7. As a young African American I would like everyone to know that the educated understand history and know that slavery wasn't started by the "white" man and that our families were sold by our neighbors. There's is a difference between what got us on the boat and what happened afterwards but I personally do not expect anyone living now to say sorry for slavery, unless you are currently apart of it. My belief is that all men are evil and we are taught to be good, and when humans are put into the worst situations we revert back into animals. What is happening in Africa is absolutely horrible and I can offer no solutions to it.

  8. We don't need to establish any kind of equality in the west because we already have it yes i have had encounters of racism in america being black but for the most part we can get along now (albieit with some outliers) its these places where the BLM should focus their time and power to but no they just go around making the climate worse in some cases lets put the focus to africa where its really needed

  9. Notice you never hear "the left" talking about modern slavery in Africa and the middle east because they don't actually care about slaves, they only care about using slavery as a political bludgeon against White people to extract resources from them in spite of the fact that no one alive in the US is a slave and no one has owned a slave.

  10. I wondered where all the dollar a month money I've sent over there was going. Anyone else find it rather strange after years and years of sponsoring children nothing has seemed to get better for them?

  11. it was not only thw uk and usa that fought hard for it back in 1552 in the netherlands a man made sinterklaas its a bout a turkish saint nikolas but then he came from spain since they linked the event with giving oranges since they were rare back then for us. the man made books with black pete for children where he potrait black people as good loving and also to be dealth with with respect.
    it was a protest in a form of a yearly event that turned 10 years ago 360 around and now black pete is racist…. people dont even know the full origin anny more…

  12. If blacks at present time feel like they deserve from whites anything because of things from >100 years ago, then I suppose whites should start demanding from blacks very big gratitude for actually ending their nightmare.