Slavery: The Complexities You Weren’t Taught (Pt. 1) | Douglas Murray | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Douglas Murray, author of “The War on the West” about the war on western civilization, little known details of the Atlantic slave trade, and how you can respond to simplistic attacks on dead white males and western civilization. In this clip Douglas explains why the threat against western civilization has gotten so dire. He explains how everything that has been beneficial about European civilization and its cultural values are quickly being eroded by people who only see it as an evil force pushing colonialism and imperialism. He describes how even STEM fields are being gutted with the promotion of woke math. Meanwhile, Critical race theory is making it so the discrimination is forbidden unless it is against white people. Unfortunately the proponents of woke culture don’t even know the basics of the history of slavery and how complicated history actually is. He also debunks the ideas of some sort of historical white privilege by sharing the realities of the brutal lives of white European mill workers.

Is the state of US news driving you crazy? Does the coverage of political news rarely seem “fair and balanced”? Serious discussions on US politics is vital to having a healthy democracy. No matter what political party you belong to, we need to be able to hear a variety of political perspectives. Whether you majored in political science or just want to have a deeper understanding of the issues you’ll want to check out this playlist:

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  2. I grew up in Western Sahara and used to walk by in the way to school old black men who were former slaves freed by the gov in the 70ties, later on I learned they were castrated by arab nomads using FAYTEG style (holding their backs against the camel's back for hours) and they end up with crooked walk to prevent them from escaping and prevent them from having erection so they will be able to work with women in the house. Hopefully someone do a documentary about their stories before they disappear.

  3. i expect that this argument, as well reasoned and accurate as it is, will be dismissed by the Wokely Anointed as "Whataboutism".
    They will roundly reject anything that lessens the amount of victimhood present in the world… their "economy" so to speak is based on grievance, and in the absence of valid grievances, they have no issue making some up out of whole cloth.

  4. And the Middle Eastern nations had practice African slave trading long before Europeans, they traded slavery with Africa for 1300 years and the Atlantic Slave trade lasted 300. More Africans died crossing the Sahara desert than the Atlantic.

  5. I knew that because I did an internet search on the history of eunuchs after watching a Chinese time period drama that had eunuchs in large numbers in the emperors court. No one else I know knows that fact though and no one was up to believing me. They couldn't do that type of surgery back then, that's a story. I learned this about 15 years ago.

  6. It is important that you and Douglas are openly gay AND pushing BACK AGAINST WOKEDOM. THERE REMAIN TOO MANY PEOPLE WHO CONFUSE US WITH T'S AND WHO THINK THAT WE SHOULD BE INVISIBLE (KNOWLES AND SOMETIMES SHAPIRO, for ex)…..There remain too many people who still oppose us raising kids (while we have been doing that since the beginning of humans)

  7. The fact is that anyone who wants to know the truth needs to seek it rather than just repeat crap heard on social media particularly from people known to be bias radicals.
    Many are also lucky enough to go to a school that cares about teaching facts rather than narratives which unfortunately the radicals have made clear their intentions to invade.
    The truths about past and present slavery is far worse than what is being spread currently, but their is an agenda to destroy all portions of successful societies in order to fundamentally create change.

  8. My question for Mr. Murray would be are you a neo-con? Either way why or why not? Even though I read some of your writing. You don't seem to be a neo-con but so many on the left peg you as far right or neo-con.

  9. Look up the origin of the word slave. Find a race of people that has not been enslaved at one time or another. Even indigenous people in North America enslaved people from village raids.

  10. I knew this already because I researched it. . The thing is that American education only teaches American history. This is our fault. They don't even teach how powerful the Ottoman empire was. Because apparently we only need to know what Americans and sometimes what Europeans were doing. So now you have a people who think only white people enslaved Africans. That is still the fault of the West.

  11. Is that for real about the slaves being sold to the Arabs? Not the fact it happened, but that so few know? I learned that in middle school history, amazingly.

  12. Look before the great flood men and women were doing this, which God flooded the Earth. Then in Sodum and Gomorrah men doing the same thing and God brought down the city with fire and Brim Stone. God's ultiment goal is to completely eradicate sin. Jesus died and raised himself destroyed sin. Now if men start doing this. They say they are a woman with a biological male part, Well it's just a matter of time God will punish all who participate. There are only two sexs male and female created sperate and distinctive. God did this in the Garden of Eden period. We better start trying harder to deny this sin humblely. We need to be compassionate but honest. These people of power will ultimately suffer more than any of us that oppose the natural order of The Father, Son , and Holy Spirit. Jesus was with sinner's not to encourage their sins but to heal them from sin.

  13. Most people do not know that slavery was invented as an alternative to genocide. Furthermore, it was much more complicated because there are multiple types of slavery. The fact of matter is if you are alive today you are more than likely the descendant of slaves and slave owners. It just depends on how far you go back.

    Westerners think of chattel slavery as the model form of the practice, which is the work people till they are dead. The majority of the slaves in the Atlantic slave trade went to the sugar plantations in the Caribbean and South America because of how dangerous it is to process sugar. What the academically minded left does is bastardize the history of millions of people to score cheap cultural points to erode it from the inside.

  14. Fantastic clip, agree with much of this – thought provoking content as always. As a white British history teacher from the North of England, I do want to point out that life expectancy was in the high 30s because of the amount of child labour in industry at the time. If you made it past your teens, you likely made it to your 50s.

  15. I visited Fort Jesus. East coast of Africa. In Kenya. City of Mombassa. Old Portuguese slaver fort. Look at a map. Right up the coast? Saudi Arabia. Obama's dad was Kenyan, was Muslim. Arabs went down the African coast, spread Islam. You can see African women, dressed in black, faces covered, walking down a very hot beach in the tropical sun. The left doesn't want you to know. They want to pretend it was only Americans. Total 💩

  16. I hope this shows that the vast, vast majority of gay men don't want to talk sex to a small child. Or think they're actually a woman or they can have female body functions.

  17. Why doesn't "anyone" know about the Eastern slave trade? Because of the War on the West.
    Also, if you think NPR/CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS/NYT etc etc are actual news orgs that will tell you the truth about it…please get your head out of your netherhole.

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