Smallpox Vials “Accidently” Found In Big Pharma Lab After Bill Gates Threat


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  1. Can you imagine how many FBI would be dragging inybody else into a waterboarding tank If they brodcasted " be ready for a smallpocks attack" and 3 weeks later vials of small pocks is found.

  2. Let's keep an open mind we all know there's world-class trolls 4 channels of thing so maybe when they heard Bill talk about the smallpox they got into their head to just write smallpox on some vials and dump them more people could find them as a world-class troll move. Is possible you never know. Guess we'll know for sure if people start dropping.

  3. The rich are bored, does everyone now fully understand that? Small pox people, and look how many people noticed they where gone. Lol and people say zombies can’t be real… guess again, WAKE THE HECK UP!

  4. Can these degenerates get executed now? It’s pathetic that these subhuman’s are still breathing. I hope there is a God, because atleast he’ll torment these sad excuses of human waste for eternity. Hell is a amazing place for these types of people

  5. Somebody absolutely needs to take him off the earth, one way or another. He is second in evil only to George Soros (tied with Klaus Schwab). Seriously, Gates is a horrible person and needs to go.

  6. Why are you surprised?? Read a book years was written by an epidemiologist who worked for the CDC.They have enough weaponized Smallpox bacillae to destroy every one!!!! They keep it in a small chest freezer.for security, they move it around,once in awhile. And chain it to something immovable.supposedly only someone with credentials knows where It is.This is no bullshit…

  7. Look i believe that bill gates is the Antichrist of this earth… He makes himself seem like a good person but bill gates is a sicko and thats why he bough. All the farm lands…train tracks and so on….he is PURE EVIL

  8. WAIT…
    Why are we storing small pox, again? By them having it just sitting around, whatever happens is premeditated. They know good and well what they’re doing. There is absolutely no reason why viruses that have been “eradicated” should be sitting around ANYWHERE!!!
    Evil knows no bounds and is totally afoot. Be safe y’all.

  9. Bill Gates is an evil man he needs to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity he really thinks Americans are that gullible when he has said he wants to depopulate the planet

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