Smartmatic denies being favored by COMELEC

Smartmatic rejects claims it is being favored by the Commission on Elections. Smartmatic Chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown maintains they’ve been complying with existing election laws.

Written by ABS-CBN News


  1. I find it to be NO coincidence that “Lord Malloch-Brown” bears essentially the same name as the Canaanite god: “Moloch”, to whom the Canaanite people sacrificed their own children by burning them to death!

  2. ATTENTION Good ChristionsI Please pray with me:
    I now speak directly to all demons behind this attack upon the government of the United States: In the NAME of Jesus Christ, I speak confusion and chaos into your camp…every detail of your mission to unseat POTUS Trump SHALL collapse upon itself in a raging inferno of FAILURE; I bind you and break your power and forbid you to manifest… Go now and walk among the dry places until the time of your JUDGMENT… President Donald J Trump (and the People of the USA) SHALL emerge victorious from the effects of your evil works…AND. so be it now, in JESUS’ mighty NAME! Amen.

  3. Well this easy smooth voting process with no cheating Did Not happen in the US 2020 election!! Hopefully we will have Forensic Audits and get to see the Legal Votes counted!

  4. Not a Venezuelan company, but by a Florida “resident” originated in Venezuela by Venezuelan developers…BTW Hugo Chavez doesn’t own any shares…NOTHING TO SEE HERE

  5. For those of you who are not sure how to download without premium, open power point and do an insert of media, screen recording, make sure your mic is on and record. This will save in the ppt and can then be saved to your computer as an mp4.

  6. What's the date of this interview, not the upload?
    Because in 2010 there was a case in Delaware that showed the app came from the same source, but was no longer affiliated.
    Crucial kind of make/break information. If this video came out any time before 2011, it sadly doesn't tell us what we think it does.

  7. it was never a Venezuelan co. its just the owners…

    cause that fact made it suddenly transparent, right?!!
    love how much he is trying to separate himself from chavez, like none of them use "ciphers".

  8. So he admits that Smartmatic uses Dominion software! But Dominion have just recently denied ever supplying software to them orever having dealings with smartmatic! I think Lord Malloch Brown is either naive or a part of the whole sorry mess! When people are shouting fraud over the years, a sensible person would look into it! Funny how Dominion is trying to throw Smartmatic under the bus!!!!