Smoking Gun: Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA.

In this video you will see data from the NYT feed from PA on November fourth.

In this data, particular vote ratios are transferred between random sets of seized precincts throughout the day (see image link below):

A total of nine exhibits are presented in this video, but there are in fact several hundred of these precincts seizures and ratio transfers on the day of November 4th alone, and the same ratios continue to be transferred for several more days within the overall dataset spanning an entire week.

Original data sets:

Written by Edward Solomon


  1. One more thing Ed, are you aware that Philadelphia does not use Dominion voting machines? They use ExpressVoteXL.
    EDIT: I have become aware from the independent Trump supporter investigators that this video was basically debunked in about 10 minutes. However, the uploader is on the right track and is very skilled and very much welcomed and encouraged to help them. Uploader might consider setting this video to "unlisted" so that it does not spread false information.

  2. Great video. Check out LibreOffice, it has a huge community of people behind it and is much better than OpenOffice. I added some code to make it look good on high-res screens.

  3. Comment from 4chan that explains the numbers:

    >Precincts X, Y, and Z happen to have a perfect ratio of 1/5

    >They stay in that ratio for a long time, because no new votes are being reported

    >Global update happens and all vote counts are updated

    >X, Y, and Z are no longer perfect

    >A, B, and C now happen to have a perfect ratio of 1/5

    >There's no indication of "transfers" here or anything. He's just finding perfect ratios, ignoring the UUIDs and updates, and finding examples where different precincts have the same ratio after the next batch of votes comes in.

    >Sorry, folks, this is a nothingburger.

    I have to agree. There may be proof in the data, and I appreciate OP's effort, but this is nothing.

  4. It makes sense why the Dominion people skipped their hearing today in PA after watching your video and why they lawyered up! You just proved through numerical logic that the software was pre programmed to give Biden the win through pre programmable votes that make sure Biden won. I’m guessing whoever came up with the sequence thought they were being clever, but they did not account for people like you and others on TD.W tearing apart the time stamps and data and finding the ratios that will never happen in real life unless they are manipulated by an outside source. It’s like in chemistry when you know your titrations are going to be off so you manipulate the numbers to be what they should be so you get an A on the titration experiment. You make the outcome fall in your favor so you win!

  5. All of these findings are a direct result of the data you selected and how you sorted it. This is Philadelphia (highly-Democrat), so yeah most precincts will have low vote percentages for Trump. If you sort by Trump's vote percentage, you shouldn't be surprised that you have to go pretty far down in the data before you find numbers approaching 50%. Next, since you've sorted the data first by Trump's vote percentage and then by timestamp, ratios are not being "transferred", it's just that when the precincts get updated they will have slightly different Trump vote percentages. Since that's your primary sort key, of course you no longer see rows for that precinct after the update… it's somewhere else in your spreadsheet because of your sorting. Same goes for those precincts that you see showing up after the update — they had slightly different vote totals prior to the update and so likewise that data is just somewhere else in your spreadsheet. Third, of course you have common GCFs among rows having the same Trump vote percentage. For example, at 16:24, you're looking at a batch of rows with Trumps vote percentage exactly equal to 0.063492063 = 4/63. You should not then be surprised to see that all of the rows have Trump = 4x and Biden = 59x for some x, given that you've sorted the data to pick out the rows with precisely this property.

  6. Here is the deal it seems, they know how many votes they need, but you can't keep the same precincts going at the same ratio all day long, so these fools transfer them from precinct to precinct, thus they get the end result they need without the telltale signature being left behind. But, these wiz kids can't cover their tracks from a Pede named Columbo Jr. Just one more thang, umm, your going to have to come with me ole joe.

  7. I'm as skeptical of the election results as anyone with modicum of intelligence and integrity should be, and there are plenty of indicators of fraud, but I think this is a misunderstanding of the data. I do not think every timestamp is a new data push. I believe the total Philadelphia (city) vote was ~750K. If each of these 90K represents new votes being tabulated, each timestamp would need to average ~8.3 total votes, and you can clearly see that some of the entries are hundreds of votes.

  8. If it was a close one these patterns might never have shown up. Syd is right when she said that they had to work overtime to cover the gap which made their algorithms visible

  9. So the smoking gun is that we are seeing EXACT ratios? Because I could see some issues with the proof of this otherwise given the reasonably large size of the data set.

  10. God speed man. You are, and I know you know this, but you are doing something beautiful here. This is the sort of shit that the GOP struggle to quantify and prove as they are old and they can only get “experts” to help weigh and measure these numbers. This is the sort of proof, that Sidney Powell needs. This would be so easy to program through a server.

  11. Thank you very much for you analysis. I am convinced that voter fraud happened. Let me tell you an inspiration I got after watching your entire video. The sad thing is that if this voter fraud did not occur, then we could just be honest about our feelings of Trump without this loyalty/partisanship. The left is just making it all ridiculous with the Venezuelan-style tactics. There has to be a big plot to destroy the common sense world order, to turn it into something governed by machines because it would be cheapest to maintain. Look at China, I bet you could analyse a lot of shitty prime number fractions in their scoring aswell (but you won't get public data to begin with…).

  12. I have become aware from the independent Trump supporter investigators that this video was basically debunked in about 10 minutes. Philadelphia does not even use Dominion voting machines, as an example, however that was not the main reason this video is flawed. The uploader is on the right track though, and is very skilled and very much welcomed and encouraged to help them. He is in contact with them. Uploader, if you're reading this, you might consider setting this video to "unlisted" so that it does not spread false information.

  13. Pattern of Percentage Allocation: Why Which Precincts Got Which Ratio

    I doubt the transferring of either higher or lower ratios to individual precincts were randomly assigned.

    So can you identify a pattern as to why some precincts got higher ratios (1:48) and others got lower (1:4)?

    In other words, hours prior transferring a higher ratio of 1:48 to Precinct B was Trump ahead by 5,000 votes in Precinct B which needed to be quickly reversed within the hour? (1:48)

    As compared to hours prior transferring a lower ratio of 1:4 to Precinct C was Trump a head by 500 votes in Precinct C which could slowly be correct over several hours?

    By reviewing the voting stats for individual precincts over multiple days and then identifying when the ratio transfer started and ended may reveal a pattern as to why individual precincts received high/low ratio, as well as, a pattern when safe to remove applied ratios (i.e. safe zone Biden +2%?).

    Wish I had the knowledge to do this myself.

    Excellent work. Kudos

    P.S. hour 20:00 is 8:00pm and 22:00 is 10:00 pm

  14. Very interesting, great work. Remember how the D/R ratio in Wisconsin jumped at like 4:00 am in the morning? What was weird is the ratio in Pennsylvania never jumped. I bet it's because in Wisconsin they couldn't keep counting ballots after Nov 4th but in Pennsylvania they had more time to spread out the Biden vote additions:

  15. Sorry but I'm not sure that you're on to anything here. You have not proven that anything is actively being transferred.

    Step 1: Sorted by ratio – so expect groupings (more than 1 precinct shows up for a given ratio – this reflects the very large number of precincts – totally possible for 2 precincts to register the same whole-number ratios at a certain time of day).
    Step 2: In between global updates no extra votes get tallied so the same precincts stay on your list as you step forward in time.
    Step 3: Global update occurs x number of minutes later showing the same precincts with the same ratios (is this a 'before' count just before new votes are added to that precincts total?).
    Step 4: There is then a period of time where no precinct is registering the ratio we are looking at.
    Step 5: At a point in the future (as short as 10 mins, as long as 6 hours?) another precinct(s) registers the same ratio. Previously noted precincts that had said ratio no longer do.

    There are ~1,700 precincts. The upshot of this analysis is that a few of them happen to have the exact same ratio of trump:total votes at different times of the day. I don't think this sounds like a smoking gun. It certainly doesn't demonstrate a clear transferring of a ratio since it doesn't disprove these precincts naturally landing to the same ratio at different times of the day.

    At ~17:50 you state 'this may not be fraudulent, it could just be a coincidence'. I think this statement covers your entire video.

    That doesn't mean I'm convinced there was no fraud – but half-baked analysis like that that has not come from a team of people (where people can collaborate and error-check each other) doesn't help anyone.

    Also btw- you state that 'exhibit 2 absolutely can't happen'. It can if it is a common enough ratio in a Biden-heavy precinct. Again, such statements not reviewed or work-shopped do not help the case.

  16. sidenote: Philadelphia uses ES&E voting systems (ExpressVote XL’s) not Dominion, not that this matters as your data is directly the NYT data feed.

    Some may challenge the "validity" of your conclusions, but to me this strengthens it as other systems are also corrupted. Plus ES&S and Dominion are kinda the same: Smartmatic software

    Philadelphia uses ES&E

    Scytl & Smartmatic