Snap Protest in response to Lockdown 6.0, Melbourne – 05.08.21

Highlights from the Snap Protest in response to Lockdown 6.0 in Victoria, Australia – 05.08.21

There was tension in the air in Victoria last night when Melburnians gathered in front of Flinders Street Station to voice their opposition to the state’s 6th lockdown announced by Premier Daniel Andrews just hours prior.

From my observations, the crowd was overwhelmingly peaceful and represented a diverse mix of the Victorian community, including all ethnicities, families, school kids & small business owners.

The protest started at 7pm prior to the new lockdown restrictions and the 5 reasons for leaving home coming into force at 8pm. However, police action against the people gathered began at the very beginning when speakers were dragged away by the Public Order Response Team. This was odd, as Premier Daniel Andrews supported thousands gathering during the Euro finals (under similar rules just last month) in Carlton with a tweet marking the occasion.

The portrayal by the media and Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police Luke Cornelius (who wasn’t there) of violence being instigated primarily by the protesters does not match what I observed on the day as a witness to the events that unfolded. I predominantly witnessed police spraying people marching peacefully with capsicum spray (unprovoked) and then chasing down small groups of people in city laneways to trap them. The few arrests I did film were of minors, girls and boys (under the age of 17) being knelt on by up to 6 police officers at a time.

There is an entire unedited livestream I filmed (available in a seperate post on my page) of the majority of the protest as a part of my coverage which can attest to what I witnessed.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. If Andrews is wanting Victoriastan to be the guinea pig state that sets the standard for a communist takeover, he will have to accept that we taxpayers & will NOT let that happen! If he’s going to let his gestapo goons physically assault Victorian citizens, he has to understand that some ppl won’t accept that type of aggression won’t be tolerated, even by police.

  2. When officers retire they will sit down and reflect on their life's . wasn't worth it was it ! could of done something more.

  3. Look at what has happened in Canada courts about the Health Act . The Health Act is unlawful. Now do the same here Australia before it's to late.

  4. Great work as always Rukshan! If it wasn't for your tireless efforts many wouldnt know the truth! The people are behind you brother, keep bring out the truth!

  5. Have the protesters got plans for the legislation Turnbull put out there that has put a 20 prison sentence for protesting? Just before COVID hit, the military forces were given "limited shoot to kill powers" over civilians. Anyone have any ideas about what to do about that?

  6. Gotta suck to be in a joke of a country like Australia that has no freedom whatsoever and no way for them to succeed in revolution

  7. All freedom-loving Australians are Indebted to these protesters for standing up against these gov THUGS who are just hired enforcers of politicians. We are also Indebted to RUKSHAN for documenting these crimes against the public for JUST speaking up. EXCELLENT production thank you.

  8. You need to post the number of cases, hospitalization and deaths and do so in EVERY video to drive home how ridiculous AUS has been behaving.Your numbers are so low as to make anyone living anywhere else to realize this is complete theater

  9. If you are "one of the top 10 sources of misinformation" at 9760 subscribers, whomever decided to write an article about that, must be afraid your videos are too much reality for this con job to resist- you just gained one more