Snippet of “Australia’s Largest Protest Ever!!!” (Ballarat is on Sunday)

You can rip and reupload this video, but not the longer one, thank you.

Hundreds of thousands of Victorians march for a second Saturday to make two of the biggest rallies ever seen in Australia! I think the video evidence says enough.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. It would've been even better if everyone else there wasn't vaxed aswell. But you can't take away the fact that more & more ppl are finally waking up!! So good 💜🤘🏼

  2. it may have all been for nothing, who knows?! but it brought a lot of ppl together and it woke a lot of ppl up to the government, mainstream media. now ppl will got to the ballots and remember this and really start to think about their votes. use a pen 🖊 ppl, don’t use that lead pencil ✏️ your vote will be rubbed out.

  3. If all Victorians that were forced out of work start bombarding Dan Andrews with emails and messages and letters stating that we (Victorians) are starving to death because we have no income. What will they do when faced with this humanitarian crisis thrown at them ?

  4. Andrews and his Government can not refuse to received the bounty offer from the Elite, using the Giant Pharma. He was just a puppet for the Great Reset to be implemented by year 2030. They are on target for the implementation.

  5. We Are Rising Up & They Will Fall

    Protesting is still Our greatest form of defense,

    because protesting will always find it's way to the truth
    & There is Truth in this Picture*

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