SNL GOES BROKE! Ratings PLUMMET 35% Year Over Year As They Get More WOKE Than Ever!


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. SNL is now more entertaining in it's demise, rather than its brilliance. How does Lorne, NOT see this? I mean, he has to see the ratings, so if he does, and still continues on this path, then he is truly the definition of insanity. I dont believe he is that inept. SNL, you are about to be cancelled. Not because of any skit, but because you have chosen to solely cater to the woke left. Good luck with the inevitable bankruptcy. Which is coming soon!

  2. If they actually took the free comedy made daily by Biden/Harris / pasaki, they would have comedy writing itself.
    This proves out one thing, it’s all about narrative now and nothing to do with comedy. I can watch actual clips on YT from this administration and laugh like it’s comedy gold, but it’s real. SNLs comedy with a condom is less funny than kids knock knock jokes.

  3. Norm Macdonald was a comedy genius! He was so smart and he didnt give a rip what anyone thought. He was a firm believer in Jesus Christ and his jokes had foul language. That is actually how most humans live.

  4. If you're shadowbanned by the Youtube algorithm then why did you show up on my recommendation list?

    Norm MacDonald has been taking some heat from the blue check marks. Some are coming out and accusing him of sexual harassment and bigotry. Saying he's a womanizer and spitting on his grave. It's not all fake praising.

  5. Biden and Kamala (or any beloved figure of the left) must not be made fun of ever by these woke comedians. This is a common consensus. Because of what they did to Trump for 4 years, the plebes will get confused if the woke comedians suddenly did it to Biden et al. The left has misconstrued intentionally that if a person is made fun of, he is a bad person and deserves scorn. Also if the plebes suddenly think Biden is ridiculous Biden will lose whatever little respect he has left. The left wants to keep whatever sagging popularity Biden has left intact.

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