Snowden EVISCERATES Apple’s Plan to Spy on Your Photos

Krystal and guest host Kyle Kulinski react to Edward Snowden’s harsh criticism of Apple’s new plan to monitor photos. Just as a reminder, Saagar is on vacation this week, so Kyle will be filling in as co-host.

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  1. This is the garbage these guys and the gov collude about in these no press meetings and backroom deals like Sun valley…. You let us spy, and we'll let you keep breaking antitrust laws and having too much power. And everyone thought the illuminati was a conspiracy

  2. I would prefer Apple to solve zero click attacks hacking phones with just a message and a phone number or been in the same Wifi network. the 2015 stand was just a pose?

  3. How fucked up that a company named apple has to baby monitor our kids. ? Or even suggest. Some real pathetic humans breeding. How naive to think any database is secure. Not many seem to care but how about that guy who is tracking the # of professionals who disappear hiking thru parks, etc. LinkedIn? Yoube tuube rolling up data to sell to?? Oh yeah one day I thought "I need a dress form" it's something a tailor or seamstress would use. I only thought it. Completely out of my norm. I was removing lint from a sweater and thought it would help. I didn't speak it text nor email it. Shortly after I had a stream of ads for dress forms. Even musk if I recall correctly said the tech is weaving into our limbic system and our brain becomes the search engine. We evolve and/or are manipulated beyond anything imaginable.

  4. Now we have this leftist and someone who is causing the exact thing you all are trying to fight with this show hosting. He’s one of the problems in American politics. Get him off this show

  5. Freedomtunes or Babylon Bee needs to redo the 1980s commercial where the lady runs through the '1984' IBM crowd and smashes the TV with a sledgehammer. Pretty much would just have to play it in reverse.

  6. I love it when, as around the 5:⁰⁰ minute mark here, Kyle brilliantly deduces & explains something that Krystal already explained & analysed & moved on from three minutes/hours/years earlier!

    Is this what 'Mansplaining' means?

  7. This is lock-step with "If it saves one life, it's worth it that you suffer eternally!" For the Kidz' safety is the new Follow the Science; Do as we say, and like it!

  8. For this program to be created they need some sort of case photos to train the program.

    Like for software to sense cat vs dogs you need to go through 1000s of photos telling the program which is which.

    That means in order for this program to exist, apple needs to have in its possession 1000s of child p*** pictures.

  9. Do you think people will boycott Apple? Or are we too much of Apple stans already? Personally I have like 3-4 Apple products and I would hate to have get all new tech ?

  10. I really don‘t get this „well intentioned“ argument. First. If you expect a giant company to do anything with good intentions you have been living on the moon. Second. Why is violating the right to privacy and being spayed on somehow more acceptable when it comes to people under 18? Shouldn‘t this age group be more protected, not less?

  11. Louis Rossmann has a good interview with Daniel Smullen, a Ph.D candidate in engineer at Carnegie Mellon University and who has worked with NASA, on this very topic. Perhaps Breaking Points wants to get that person on for an interview also.

  12. There was a TV show back in 2012, it was Canadian and on the SYFY channel; it was called Continuum. Not to be confused with the newer show. Continuum was about the future and how Banks and the Corporations had taken over the governments of the world and how they had run things into the ground.
    its scary that there are several book, tv shows, and movies about this stuff happening and no one wants to look at this stuff and say, Hey, Enough is enough.

  13. Oh come on. The enforcers are more worried about finding someone a few hundred yards from the Capitol on 6 Jan than these “minor” little issues. Priorities, girls!

  14. Justifying invasion of privacy by posturing as a self appointed savior of sordid acts is, in and of itself a sordid act. Any seizing of actual sex offenders will be a tiny side effect of the true function here which is to improve their tech and machine learning proprietary. Honestly would have been smarter for them to just do it secretly like all the other sketchy companies in the dark.

  15. The best us commoners can hope for regarding modern surveillance is that it be limited to making a person or organization decide who to surveil because they dont have resources(money, manpower, possibly legality) to thoroughly surveil and process info on everyone. Technology and legality/oversight are the only roadblocks.

  16. Don't get Kyle started on the YouTube algorithm, he'll start crying and continue to blame it for the flattening of his viewership instead of looking inward and seeing he's plateaued in proportion to his ability to discuss the issues at a greater depth than just an ideological cheerleader.